Male , female or to early?

Sounds like good news. Should be swelling up and tryna finish by now. Hows it going broham?

Oh man,it’s just about thru week three since flip’d.
Got some pics a minute ago.
Fed bloom since a week before flip.
Maybe hard for you to tell, but I can see on most buds a big diff. Not sure it’s a good diff, but the flowers seem piled like 3x taller on the top(like a bishop head, like TALL compared to usual) lemme know if you get or see what I’m sayn?
I gotta say it ain’t goin bad!
Took a vacation, and actually wondered how close I roamed to you!,went from ark to myrtle beach across 6 states I guess and knock one off the bucket list,:joy:,I surfed!
Man I’m 57, figured that one wouldn’t get checked off.
But got the chance and said let’s do it!:joy:it was awesome, even tho I got home, went to doctor and had brought a fractured rib home with me!:joy:I’m pretty sore, still, it was worth it!:v:.
Gotta say the draft went pretty damn well for the Steelers I thought, and I was a little surprised you guys let some those receivers go! Then we stole that last one from you was funny hell!:joy:…I got a surf pic my ol lady took,I don’t think I’ma advertise on here tho!
How’s yours going?
And we need some grow pics!

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Looking good! Starting to frost n funk.

This past week? Ive been all over the central south side of the state. So chances are we were pretty close lol. Happy to hear u enjoyed yourself tho my dude! Myrtle Beach right about now sounds like MY kinda party. Sucks to bring the broken rib but that just means u enjoyd yourself. Almost means ur as fragile as Big Ben :rofl:.

Honestly my draft went surprisingly Raven like. I wasnt mad at losing any of the receivers (even tho I love Hollywood Brown, that guy has SPEED). What pissed me off was ur Pennsylvania cousin (Philly) trading 3 picks to steal Jordan Davis on us in the first round. They jumped A pick ahead of us. 6’6, 360lbs. And running a 4.7? That guy was BORN to be a Raven… dirty MFs lol.

My grow hasnt changed a bit since last pic. I told ya. I can stunt tf outta some plants man! Exactly the same point as lasttime. EXACTLY. No pics for now. Give me a week. Ill take some today and some then.

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Any idea wth this is?

Screen shot this off FB.
Not sure if it’s a joke or what😂

I believe this is a sweet fern variety…
Be cool if it was a MJ plant though


Looks kinda like the FreakShow strain. Could be a fern too but I see nuggets of funk…

Great job man

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Need some help tonight…not with the Steelers…but my Penguins got a game 7 tonight!

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I seen! Not a big hockey man. Besides throwing hands… ice skating f’n hurts haha. Best of luck all the same. Game 7’s are what I live for regardless of sport

Speaking of… as a laker fan. It saddens me to recognize Jason Tatum as the best player on the planet. That kid has grown every single year n its getting ridiculous lol (just forced a game 7 for the celtics)

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Did not go well. Overtime lose.
I got questions AGAIN🤣
Go in here and clean out these leaves or no?
The smaller ones?

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Sorry bro. Sometimes it just aint your time.

Yup. Get in there and get to snipping. Can pull fans here and there. Ignore the sugar leaves