Male, Female, Hermie? First time with this finding

First time using “normal” seeds. I have been away, and came home to find this. Is this the beginning of flowering, or am I looking at throwing this out? Leaves doing okay, otherwise looks healthy. Should be Freedom CBD.

Looks weird, but I don’t see any male parts.

Is it outside? In full sun?

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Maybe re-veg? Does look weird . Thought it was a herm at first look.

Could be a re-veg. Yes, looks herm from the distance pic. Close up shows nothing I can see as male.

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It is outside, getting more than 12 hours of sunlight at present.

Is that hemp or cannabis?

Looks like female plant to me.

That doesn’t really mean much. Has this plant been grown entirely outside from the start?

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Moved outside at approx week 3 from germination. Was started in solo cup.

Sorry, had to look up information. It is a cannabis Freedom CBD. Thinking of just pulling it. They can’t all be winners I suppose.