Male Autoflower?!


This is 7 week old White Widow autoflower, and those look a LOT like the balls of a male to me. Am I mistaken? Is it a normal female? It’s been on 24-hour light from day 1, so no chance of it being a photo.

If it is a male, will it breed with photo females to make auto seeds? Or should I just cut it out ASAP?


Sure looks like a male, and if it is it will definitely pollinate the females. Weird part is all of ilgm’s autos were feminized I thought.


@kushpa did you say it has been on 24 hours of light, since day 1? Have you ever let it get any dark hours/sleep?


24/7 light, I’m vegging 3 photos.


But that’s definitely a male, right? I just hope it hasn’t dropped any pollen yet! I wonder if ILGM will send me a bonus seed on my next order for this, HA!


I see absolutely zero pleflowers or pistils anywhere showing female traits. Should rule out herm. I would gently cover with a trash bag or something and remove.

You’re free to see what everyone else thinks though.


I pulled it. Hope I was in time! I didn’t think to cover it, just pulled out the pot and cut it out at the base, then pulled up the root ball. No use wasting that perfectly good soil pot! I just sprouted a Skywalker OG, I’ll put it in that pot when it gets big enough.


@kushpa you may want to try and wipe down the walls of your grow tent with a gentle cleaner. There is most likely pollen in your tent, and with cutting it without covering it or the other plants definitely stirred it up. You may want to reconsider using that soil as it could have been pollinated. Also, check your photo plants for any signs of pollination!


Will spraying the leaves with an isopropyl alcohol mix kill pollen? I’ve done that for spider mites before. I haven’t started flowering yet, so I should be okay, right? I’ve got some pre-flowers, but still going 24 hour lights.


@kushpa i couldnt tell ya, but hopefully someone who knows will be along soon. Ill tag a few
@bob31 @Screwauger @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971


I want to say no but ill tag in @garrigan65 and @Donaldj on that one


@kushpa I’m not sure either on this one, but I would think a thorough wash with mild soap and water inside of the tent would likely rinse and contain any pollen that may be on the walls.
The other problem is, you may want to wipe down equipment lights fans etc. @garrigan65 May have some better ideas when dealing with pollen.


Good point pollen does get everywhere @Covertgrower


@Countryboyjvd1971 is there a product you use when cleaning duct work?
I would think compressed air blasted through the lights and heat sinks would clear this out. Then allowed to operate in a “safe” area to prevent any pollen from distributing. Maybe even a good damp microfiber cloth would help keep everything contained.


I sint clean duct work myself @Covertgrower i leave thatvto others but the use a biociede to kill any thing in ducts
If you use a aur compressor your just going to spread pollen
I would do that outdoors not to ndoors if going that route


@Countryboyjvd1971 Outdoors is what I meant by safe area unles there’s a shed, or another building. I should have detailed that reply more specifically.
Bioicide is probably great for wee beasties, but might not do anything for pollen.


I’m with you . I think it’s to late to turn it around!! That’s male all day long !


I don’t see any bud sites I just see pollen sacs. I don’t see how you can turn it back now. Leaves look kinda weird to real wavy and chunky. I bet they got heat stressed and turned on you


Yes indeed wipe everything down including the plants. You can use PM wash. You can spray it right on the plant to wash it. Good luck that’s scary


@kushpa did you get your seeds from ilgm? Not all companies make female autoflowering. Some make regular autoflowering that are not female.

Isolate and clean as best you can. I would think getting everything out of the tent and spraying the plants down with water would be better than nothing. Then you can use a very mild bleach water solution to clean the tent and everything in it other that the actual plants. Who knows maybe you will get lucky. Don’t ignore the pre filter on your carbon filter. Bag it remove carefully and wash.

Good luck!

PS if you got those from ilgm then check your order again and the packaging on the seeds to see what they say. (No pics of packaging allowed)