Male and trichomes

I’m bummed. This is the second time I’ve bought feminizes only to have one or more turn out male. My question is this- I definitely see the male flower buds but i also See the trichomes starting on the tiny leaves near the tops. Is there any point in keeping the male ( outside and away from the females. Females are indoors) and using the matured trichomes for dry ice hash or is it just a waste? Plants are just over 3 weeks into floweringPictures below ( of male flower bud and of trichomes starting)

You have pistils, so if you see male parts then it is probably a hermie.

A hermie won’t produce as many trichomes as a female, but it may still be worth keeping if you can keep it separated from your females. I have a hermie that I’ve isolated and it is about 2 weeks from harvest. I will be making hash with the harvest.

Here is a pic of my hermie. The trichomes aren’t so visible, but when you look at bud under a microscope, there are plenty of trichomes there. It would be just like smoking seeded weed from days past.


I see no male flowers in your pictures. Males don’t grow buds, the pics are of a female plant.


I think you are seeing a swollen calyx. All I see is a healthy flowering female plant.


What is that pod looking thing here?


Just pull it off and see if anymore show.

No, unfortunately more were found and they were hanging down and segmented like a tulip getting ready to open. I wish you were right, believe me!

Exactly. There were many more and some were almost open. I took them all off but now I’m debating the wisdom of keeping it at all

She a Herm pluck those off and keep the flower.

She has both sexes, males don’t have those hairs but females sometimes can get balls


Light during dark hours

That is completely your decision, is it worth your time keeping an eye on her so she doesn’t pollenate herself?

That is exactly my debate. I go back and forth from keeping it to killing it and back. To my original question- would the mature trichomes be of any or enough value to keep it going? If not, the decision is an easy one.

Of course finding a seed or two in the whole plant is worth keeping! It comes down to need or want. Do you absolutely need this flower to sustain your needs? Or can you scrap the plant without feeling the loss?

I would keep her, just pull her out once a week for inspection, I have done it.