Making your own strain

I currently have ( all are feminized seeds)

Northern Lights
Maui Wowie
Blackberry Kush
Bergmans Gold leaf
California Dream
Blue Dream
Maui x LSD (my own)

In the late 70’s I did a 3rd generation cross and got what was called “God weed”.

I love to play with plants and was thinking of playing for fun again. The regular seed list is only 5 varieties. The Durban poison is the only 100% sativa. There is a 100% Indica but only feminized seed.

I was thinking of Durbin Poison regular and Jack Herer regular to get pollen and adding Chocolope feminized.

And also Pure Indica (feminized)

Very cool - can always use the fems and force them to herm out causing the seeds to be feminized. Just a thought

You need to come up with three traits you are trying to breed for.

1st is the deal breaker trait, nothing less will suffice.

2nd would be a trait that you really want to be present.

3rd is the trait that would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

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Forcing hermed seeds will result in higher chance of seeds being hermi’s instead of being good feminized seeds if im not mistaken…be a waste raising hermis all the time


There’s some debate here - from my understanding if your parent plant has a tendency to hermi then yes it will pass that trait on as dominant but that’s the only way I’ve seen to get fem seeds. It’s a lot of trial and error with multiple generations taken to work these traits out but if you already have seeds on hand and have the time it is a way to put em to work.

I’ve not bred before so I would suggest doing your homework before trying anything like this but thought I could possibly get the ball rolling. Either way best of luck :+1::pray:t3:


I plan on using the regular pollen from the regular male plants.I have 5 plants growing now from a Hermed LSD that I pollinated on a Maui Wowie branch. All five are showing female at the moment but I want seeds that wont tend to herm so I am going to try with males from the regular seed and I can use the pollen on any of the females. feminized or not.

I bred years ago and I still have a copy of “Marijuana Botany” to use. Its all fun to keep me busy while the ladies flower.

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