I have a question ~ this recipe. It doesn’t appear that the alcohol is removed… so how does that work?

It uses evaporation.Still faster to use a fan blowing over it.I have also cooked it off but thats more dangerous you have to make sure you don’t get to the boiling temp of alcohol.

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Copied & pasted: 1. After 10-14 days, strain the mixture through the cheesecloth, and pour it into the second sterile canning jar. Mix this THC-infused alcohol with the 100% USP-food grade vegetable glycerin. Put the lid on and shake vigorously for a minimum of two minutes.

You now have your vape juice!

See Weedlover1? I don’t see anything regarding evaporation?

You have to evaporate the alcohol or it would burn and possibly explode.Also,nobody much is using vegetables glycerin,you want organic terpenes for a cutter.Much healthier and better taste.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcime,welcome, went and read that recipe,and it seems to have some flaws like it was mis-written.Definitely some confusing stuff.

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See… this is the kind of stuff that messes up new people (like myself) lol

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I find it amazing that JUST that quick wash method would remove the THC from the bud material. Just that fast??

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Ya it works that fast.Two 5 minute shakes and it’s done.

@fastgrow. I’ve extracted without heat and now have a glob of very dark very sticky material. lol. I have terpenes and flavoring so how do I mix for vaping? Ratio? Do I heat it to mix or will it just stir in? Thank you

I heat mine in a shot glass on a shallow pan of water low to medium heat until it gets soft,then stir in your cutter until its well mixed,but don’t overheat, just enough to mix terpenes.Let carts cool upside-down and then enjoy.

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I don’t use mine in a vape pen so I don’t cut it. I use a dry herb vaporizer that does concentrates.

Thank you! What is the ratio- RSO to terpenes?

Weed lover do you know please?


I mix them according to how thick the oil is,sometimes a half a dropper or more for 4 grams of concentrate. It has to be thin enough to not clog up the vape.When you turn your vape cart upside down the oil should move easily.