Making self watering grow buckets

Hi guys and gals its Saturday here in Australia im currently working on making self watering grow buckets i hope they work they will end being like the build a soil earth box u can put a black film over soil and it gets held on by the lid ring i will take pics of the buckets when they are almost done there a 20 ltr bucket that im using i may try growing a plant in these but im doing these for tomatoes and other vegetables but i think i may run one plant in this setup

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I had to undo the SIP during flower. PH went south and caused problems. You may have better luck since you’re more of a living soil grower. These were filled with peat, perlite and I used Jack’s.

No doubt the plants were happy and doing well

until they weren’t

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See im thinking i might go coco cour and perlite and use a salt base nutrient its a powder nutrient if you go on the internet and look up nimbin nutrients Australia you will see the nutrients and addictives i will use i actually use some of the products all ready and the results are great ,so thats why im thinking of going coco or i could do it with soil aswell

Looks like u have a potassium def

No pH fell out completely. Once I flushed and reset, undid the SIP and went to top feed, they finished great.

I believe had I drained and cleaned the reservoir a couple of times during the grow and flushed the medium, they would have been fine. If I try the system again, that would be the plan. The first picture is when I dismantled the SIP. You can see they were well into flower and did not want to risk losing them with a half hearted effort.

Looks good how much did u get from that

500g / 17+ ounces

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Nice harvest…great grower :bat: :rofl:

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Nice happy days

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