Making rso in the hot weather

Im sitting down making rso and its 29degrees Celcius


I learned about QWET last year. It has changed my tincture/butter/concentrate game. The cold temps are the trick for sure…


I just got about five to ten grams of rso so far i have more to come

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I just made some yesterday around 10g I have another 7g winterizing right now but I’ve only done a few, still learning

So far i have 2grams but i have more coming

@Tezza2 how do you make RSO? This would be something im interested in learning because currently I supply my dad who is fighting a losing battle with cancer but he pays 1500 for a horse syringe full of RSO from the veterans (VFW) would be cool to cut that cost out for him so he can afford other bills so I’m all ears

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Also just got a levo 2. My fiance wants to try and make some lotion, edibles, and tinctures. Not sure if I could use that to help make it

I use isopropyl alcohol i get a big jar i put two ozs of popcorn bud and sugar leaves in the jar then i pour alcohol over the weed until its covered then i grab a clean wooden spoon and i break up that plant material i let soak for one day then i get a rice cooker and a sieve and i place a paint straining bag in the sieve then i pour the alcohol and plant material in to the sieve then i grab the paint straining bag rap the plant material up and i squeeze it until theys no more alcohol coming out but u want to strain it over the rice cooker bowl then i turn on the rice cooker and a fan and u sit there and stir it until it becomes thick and make sure u do it outside if ive made this to confusing there is a video on YouTube with rick simpson showing how to make it


Almost sounds like making dabs with alcohol. Done that before it was a little sketch inside so I get why you say do it outside lol. Regardless I’ll check out the video for clarity. Thank you!

The iso alcohol works but if you use everclear it’s safe for ingesting. I make a lot of feco(rso) I only use everclear or food grade ethanol

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We dont get everclear in Australia

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How bout some other high octane liquor bacardi 151 or similar

This distiller is 1 gallon and you can essentially make everclear out of any booze by distilling it. I have the one fromamazon slsy is the name of the one I have. So not only do I make my alcohol stronger but I put my green dragon or qwet in here and run it at 86°c recovering my alcohol ( about 75% of it) and when it gets close to the bottom I put what’s leftover in a Pyrex bowl (small) and set that on an electric skillet that has some oil in it and heat to boil out the rest of the alcohol. This makes a very potent oil for dosing edibles or tincture or however. I doing this I still lose some alcohol but I recover most. The distiller has paid for itself many times. A lot of info. Sorry if too much.

We really dont have anything that is high in alcohol here the highest i think is 40%

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You can distill that down 40% is 80 proof so it’s halfway there. A friend makes moonshine and he wanted to try it so he distilled 3.2% beer and got 180 proof from it. Are you able to order from Amazon?

:pray: thanks in advance

Yeah I got some recently, very hard to find. I’m in Melbourne.