Making rosin aka wax aka sticky expensive shiz

Hey fellas and ladies. I’m looking to get the most out of my product and right now I’m trying to figure out this whole wax thing. I have a gratuitous amount of sugar trim hanging around and I’m still harvesting at this time from my last one. I have seen some things and read some things. But I would like to process this left overs. Even if I do edibles, having a degree in baking and pastries and all haha. Any help, recipes, processes, or just a general point in the right direction is much appreciated. @garrigan62 @Hogmaster @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Garden_gnome @anyoneelseimighthaveforgothaha

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Hey I moved topic FYI
With your trim and popcorn buds I would either dry shake them with a pollen seperator to make kief or use bubble bags to make bubble hash

There are many options as far as what you can do I make rosin myself but you need a press for that
Look up a thread called pressing with hog you can check that process out

I make coconut oil to use with my eddiblies
You can’t hide what is in them tho with my process but it will get you feeling really good hahaha

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@Countryboyjvd1971 no worries on the move thanks brother. I didn’t exactly know which category to throw it under. I will def check that out. Thank you. I have looked into the press. And being food service I almost wondered why I couldn’t use a panini press or plancha grill ya know cause they can get so hot and you can control the pressure when pressing down. What’s your thoughts on that bud

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My bad if I offended anyone for my use of the French word for doodoo. I’m bilingual

I can’t bring myself to buy a press for a cupple hundred bucks I did bho a cupple times but am not big on things that could blow up in my face but edables , did you ever see the Frank’s red hot sauce commercial I put that stuff on everything

@Earl there has been a few members who tried the grill thing with less then good results
Min return so I don’t advise that

There’s a few presses available for a decent $ around 250 and it goes up from there
Here one style I know a few members have and enjoy also check out eBay for presses this style one was around 250 there brother

I’m in the process of building a hydraulic press

It’s going to cost me under $400 to get a 6 ton press set up here’s the links to the parts I’m using

And remember the high pressure the better your results @Earl

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@Countryboyjvd1971 hell yea that’s what I like. Holding my own stuff. I already have a 12 ton shop press. I dig that I can swallow that pill for the plates. How much are you getting for wax in your market? Also whats a Lahore city near your market for comparison? I’m pretty close to @garrigan62 so we might share a similar area if you know what wax is going for in your area Will?

@Earl to be honest I have no idea what they are charging for wax here I don’t buy it but depending on the part if the state I’ve seen a ounce go for anywhere between 2-400 so I would think at least 50 a gram prob more

Let me know if you get one started

Mines a work in progress but
Here’s a few pictures to modivate you
4 grams of kief 3.3 gram return


I got the machine and my press and I’m trying to figure out how they are calculating temperature on this pig. I thought the first deer of numbers you mess with is heat. What is the second set for? The one with 4 digits you can input?

Set of numbers not deer. What do you have yours dialed in at? Heat? Time? Kind sir?

If you use YouTube you can do a search for Mr. Canucks Grow. He has a couple of videos on the temperature he uses for his press.

I know the temperatures I need. I bought the same plates and unit as @Countryboyjvd1971 so that’s why I am harassing him to see what he says lol.

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I will do that though thank you.

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