Making progress

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their input and answering questions. Seems my girl made it thru a mite infestation, nute deficiency, and a necessary cutback due in part to great info received here. Happy Monday!

P.s.- a few folks said they weren’t familiar with the nutes I’m using so here’s a pic. I went with this 3 pack because it seemed to be the one most recommended on YouTube grow channels. Any one who has an opinion one way or the other is welcome to drop their experiences below. :slight_smile:



Nice looking lady looks healthy

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I used a different AN line for a couple of grows. It is good stuff - no doubt.
I looked at the Grow Micro & Bloom. I did not know all three were used at the same time. With many others GRow is used during Veg and during flower you switch over to Bloom. Learned something.
Although I have switched to Jack’s 321 I still add in some of the supplements like Voodoo, Piranha, Rhino, Mother Earth and Sensizym

A syringe and extension makes dosing much easier than trying to measure.
If you want to expand the feeding schedule
advancednutrients DOT com/feeding-recipe/

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I’ll look into these. It’s all a bit overwhelming but you gotta start somewhere :slight_smile: thank you!

This is AN feed charts for your 3 part from its nutrient calculator. It is liters

Add Big Bud and Overdrive and you have enhanced flower schedule

I used voodoo juice and big bud. And bud candy for carbs with piranha and nirvana for bud enhancers