Making oil in my new magic butter machine

Is MCT coconut oil that doesnt solidify?

Yah i have that in there @Docnraq a tablespoon of it

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I licked the bowl spoons everyhing when I made feco oil. Passed out in bed with drool and wet spot in my pants
:shorts: I stumbled to bathroom cleaned up fell back in bed best sleep I ever for got.@JaneQP @Fiz @Storm @Coonass @Docnraq @VaHillbilly no licky today making oil olive oyl. Mind you


Marijuana makes everything taste better.


OK MB2 Olive oyl report 25 grams of Skittles 22%THC 5 cups of oil 2 hours at 160 Doseage chart says 16.91 mg per teaspoon of THC Now I got to figure out how to cook baked goods. @Aussie_autos made 1 liter of infused oil @Storm @Coonass


I do a 1 to 1 replacement when baking. I never check dosage anymore. If go much over recipe amounts cakes wont rise well and cookies get oily. Can figure your dosage easy since have numbers going in. Using olive oil there is zero taste baked usually. Add a little…just a little…lecithin to your mix. 1/2 tblespoon or so. Once done a chocolate cake will have no taste so hide from friends. Congrats on the batch @spudeater65 . Best relax med ever.


Now i wait I[m a bowl licker since my Grandma handed me 1st beater with Raw cookie dough. Yes I licked the bowl, my hands, the spatula, the mesh bag , Paper plate…all these covered in oil


This what you want to make spudeater65 there easy


:heart::heart::heart: Yeah brother spud I think we have all been guilty of a little spoon licking, lol, everytime I make it my wife gets so pissed cause I get all tore up, accidently of course :rofl::rofl::rofl:.:heart::v::metal::100::dash::dash:


For sure I lay down at1500 and 1900 I emerged from my bowl licking Mrs was happy for me sleep is hard too come by so I get it when I can. Plus she gets a quiet night. Haha @Storm @Docnraq @Aussie_autos @Coonass


I just figurd it out at16.91mg per teaspoon which make it about 50 mg per tablespoon. 1/2 cup is then 125 mg gòod for recipes. @Storm @Aussie_autos @VaHillbilly @Coonass @VaHillbilly @Docnraq