Making of wax and the debate about potency

Hi all just made my first batch of wax and I was just wondering if wax was better than the flowers it’s made from or just as good as the flowers themselves

If its made correctly i think so! All i really do is dab just cuz i just got introduced to it only like 6 months ago lol. But don’t get me wrong i still enjoy smoking flower very much :slight_smile:
Here’s my pretty rig that i got this 4/20 sale.

Is dabbing a better source in smoking , cleaner , more stronger , less toxins , what is the difference I may asked , I’m old school , a bong hit or a small bowl hit maybe 2-3 times and I’m good all day .


It just gives good product from our cutting so it’s not wasted, 1 hit off the wax I just made keeps you good for 3 hours

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Lol i think i need to ease back on the wax…i wish one hit lasted me 3 hours! Lmao

I never really understood what that (wax or dabs) is. I saw a video of a guy smoking some and he was talking about timers and heating elements and all this shit. Confused the hell outta me.

How do you make wax?

I bought an extractor tubes an run butane through it then water purged the butane out an tada

First timer buddy lol


Its just basically concentrated thc. Very tasty and potent…if you take too big of a dab your coughing for 10 mins no joke lol.

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I’m going to stick with my RSO. My first try turned out more like hash but softer so I left it for 3 or more months they were in two over sized spoons. When I came across them I said what hell why not…lol
Took a good size chunk and down the hatch. My god about 3hours later I was high as a kite…lmao
Kicked back laid back didn’t give a. F… It lasted for two days no pain at all so no MED’s needed…SWEET…