Making nutrients with at home ingredients

What’s up growers!!!

I’m looking for some recipes and/or just ingredients to use to grow my plants. It’s a indoor grow and getting 18h of light. Only been using pHd water that has little traces of NPK

I know that diluting your pee w/ water 10:1 is good for N

But what are some other stuff y’all have used or heard of.

It’s gonna grow something that if they know what was used to grow it they won’t want to smoke it. Just something to think about.

Well it’s for personal use and I live in Texas soo illegal as well lol. Soo I don’t mind :laughing:


Instead of using your pee get a bag of urea its a natural urine sourced fertilizer you get it at the co op or any farm fertilizer supply house
You need humic acid and folic acid
Sea-90 mineral salt
Alfalfa meal or pellets for your teas
Worm castings
Blood and bone meal
Kelp meal
AgSil 16h
Oyster shell or crab meal for calcium
Composted manure i use cow chicken horse and pig manure a little goes a long way
Also buy your stuff in bulk i have a 500 acer farm and the same natural crap in a bottle with a shiny sticker is the same thing i buy in a 40 to 80lb bag for the feilds and I have found out that on average for about 10 to 20 dollars more than a bottle at the grow store you can get a bag and make your own
Hope this helps you and good luck


If your healthy and eat drink right then your urine will be too and I would smoke it. Contains nitrogen and phosphorus

Collect egg shells ground them to a powder can use for calcium top dressed.
Can also use vinegar with eggs powder to react with shells and use that solution.
Epsom salt for magnesium and sulfur

Bananas can soak peels in water for a day and strain off and use for potassium phosphorus and calcium

Worm castings
Start a compost pile for you non meat non dairy food scraps and yard waste and that can be used.
Ashes from the fireplace or outside fire
Many options to use from around the house

Things that you may need outside of these can be sourced from many sources on line.

I like getting the down to earth brand dry amendments they are a responsible company been around since ‘77

Hope this helps