Making my soil in 2020

I have clones to transplant. I’m mixing an organic soil based on @garrigan62 famous recipe (listed in 100 other posts). So here’s a few photos showing my process.

Some old, some new. It costs money to make soil.

I sprayed off a section of driveway. I made a donut shaped pile of Pro Mix (peat), then spread the worm casings, bone meal, blood meal, etc in the middle. Used a flat shovel to turn it over and mix well. These are all dry ingredients.

A perfectly blended pile. The wind does blow the perlite around. I did have to break up clumps.

filled 10 gallon and 7 gallon pots. I lined the bottom with loose coco coir so the soil doesn’t wash out the drain holes. I filled each pot several times with (city) water to pack down the soil and refilled with more soil. I’ll be flooding, flushing these for several days to get the peat to soak up water. I’m not treating the water, no pH adjustments, not removing chlorine, so the peat will be unfriendly for awhile. I expect the moisture to activate the microbes and myco agents over some days or weeks. I have a large vegetable garden and I compost yard waste and kitchen vegetable waste, so I know how things decompose with moisture and heat.

Clones in 4 inch pots with soil, roots starting to reach the bottom. I didn’t loose any yet, but there may be some transplant shock. These are:
THC Bomb

See my grow journal (Northern California, 2020) if you want to follow my adventure further. Not sure how to link to another topic in these forums.


After my pots have sat for awhile(?), I assume the soil will stabilize and build microbe activity to break down the organic matter into nutrients that plant roots can uptake. When I transplant, I will water with molasses, vitamin B1, and Aloe Vera juice.

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Hi @Budlite looks great! I did the same yesterday. @garrigan62 has helped a lot us on this soil adventure!!! I’m always worried about chlorine so have boogie filters on the outdoor tap water so no soil goodies are impacted. Not sure it makes a difference at this stage. Added some bokashi to hopefully speed up the curing process. I usually give it 30 days minimum to cure but couldn’t this year. Tweeked mine for flower nutes mostly kind of like the sub-cool recipe too. Good luck and thanks for sharing!!!

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