Making my own vape juice


I haven’t done a dry vaped herb capsule yet but I did make an alcohol based tincture, then reduced that down to MBO . When I had scraped all I could with the spatula, I ran my finger around the sauté pan and “licked the batter” so to speak. That put me on the couch and it is a long lasting medication in this concentrated form…phew.

What surprised me is the texture of the vegetal matter sediment in the bottom of the Magical Butter machine after poring off the liquids. I thought it may be more coarse and leafy, but it was like silt. I did use the supplied strainer but got lots of vegetal matter, so I went thru a coffee filter for the second strain. The MBO reduction is very dark green, and even when cut 75% with PG/VG blend, it is still extremely deep green.

But, whoa Nellie, I best learn to dose this sledgehammer more carefully next time. Will vape mostly, so I can always add some more VG and weaken it down some.


Nice lol yea I only lick my fingers if I plan on being home for a bit.

Yes the texture of the remnants are very fine that’s why I’ve finally decided to order some empty capsules before the next batch.


What amount of plant to VG did you do?


I used 10 g of bud that had been pollinated so it had seeds in it. I did some reading, and some folks like to keep the seeds in the tincture as it boosts the CBD potency. In the Butter Machine I used this 10 g of decarbed bud and covered it with a little over 2.5 C of everclear. I did the 8 hour setting for max efficiency. Seems like a lot of alcohol, but more equals better extraction (to a point), and it reduces down anyway.

I made a 70% VG and 30% PG blend, then reduced the tincture to a little less than 10 ml in volume. Added in the VG/PG blend and my total finished vol is 40 ml…roughly 1:4 or 25% MBO to 75% VG/PG blend.

I need to try vaping when I am not medicated as hell to get a better idea of the dosage. When I licked my finger after scraping that pan, I was totally gone in an hour. Locked down but it was raining anyway.

Question: Will that real deep vegetal tincture (MBO) stick to the coil in the vape and burn them out? I wonder if those coils can be cleaned?


Yeah, I knew better than to have work to do or other plans…LOL.

Would you spread the sediment on something like wax paper and let it dry - then crumble for caps?


Over time it might build up. But those coils are easy to change and they don’t last forever anyways. So i’d think it’ll probably wear out naturally before it would build up enough to matter.

I was planning to do the extraction in VG no alcohol. I’ll have to try both ways and see which ends up better.


Oh and thanks for the review of the decarb machine. I wondered about the smell. It’s not in the budget right now but hopefully in the future.


Yes that’s my plan spread out let dry then load into capsules.


@DoobieNoobie use a turkey bag will contain most of smell.


You can also leave them in a Mason jar with the lid on supposedly. But I have to do mine in a toaster oven in the garage. No smell allowed lol.


@DoobieNoobie and @Midwestnewbie - I’m showing the Ardent Decarboxylator by the Butter Machine for size reference. The Ardent has a removable silver cup that hold up to 28g of MJ. The purple silicone disc fits tightly on top of the cup, then the black lid twists on for a tight fit. Did not smell while cooking, but the smell of the cooked weed was awesome. I loved this machine, and while I know it is spendy and easy to decarb other ways than with this machine, I’d buy it again tomorrow. Between the Ardent and the Magical Butter Machine, I am pretty well set for tinctures, vape juice and edibles.




What was the cost of you don’t mind me asking? Because I can only decarb when rest of family is gone or deep sleep :sleeping: :joy: so maybe I found what Santa might have to bring me.


Quick google search says $210 :scream::flushed: well oven bags aplenty over here :joy:


I found it new on eBay for $197, new in box, free shipping no tax. I found another option ($145) on eBay that was sold “as new condition” in the original box, but you never know about things like this.

The best thing I like is to fill it with the bud volume you want, push the start button and come back later. It takes care of itself and when I get home from work, It is ready to move into the butter machine or your next processing step.


A follow up and thank you to @Midwestnewbie, @PotandPans, @DoobieNoobie as you were all instrumental in helping me with vapes and edibles.

I progressed rapidly with help from all of you, collectively. The Magical Butter 2 machine is a blessing and I use it with my Nova Lyft Decarb machine. Makes a short one day event of making a high potency tincture with everclear.

Gummies have proved to be a home run to medicate my elderly mom, and my wife has found relief from sleepless nights with small doses… I enjoy making vape juice with MBO and VG/PG for my own use. I am experimenting with flavors and my wife is the flavor blending expert. She made a mix of strawberry, vanilla custard and graham cracker crumb and it was phenomenal. We experiment with flavors directly in the vaporizer tank as not to make a mistake in the full bottle of vape juice.

I have tried several mods and tanks, and my favorite has become the Mag Baby by Smok. They are on sale at various online stores for $39. They go up to 50 watts, but paired with the correct ohm coil, can give very flavorful and cool smoke clouds with copious volume. Winner.

I thank you all for your input and guidance. I have a WW in flower now starting to bud, so I’ll have some jacked up bud to make more tincture soon. I really like the tincture method of medication. Awesome!!



I’m glad to hear that. My plants are finally at harvest time. 3 down one to go. So hopefully by this time next week I’ll be starting a batch of vape juice myself.


Got a question - If we are making vape juice with an ounce of bud, is it necessary to go thru the curing process after drying? It soaks in alcohol anyway, so can the curing process be skipped for making tincture? I can see curing bud to smoke, but a tincture doesn’t have the same curing need does it?


I have run without curing with trim and larfy buds without issue on effects.


As I trim to keep the underside of my plant more or less open to allow airflow, what do you do with your trim when selectively removed from the plant?


Usually when thinning out I’d just trash I generally only save at harvest. Not to say that is the right or wrong way just the way I do it.