Making my own vape juice


I found the thread…good read, thanks!


I’m glad to be able to help contribute. I’ve gained so much knowledge from this site it’s nice to give some back.


You are a huge resource of help…and I sure as heck appreciate it!


Haha, nice @MT3 I laughed when I read you got higher than anticipated. I like your review of the baby mag and I’m glad you explained all the adjustments - sounds like that is indeed what I need I’m going to be scrolling up to follow that link in a minute.

Yeah, not really high - I can tell it has cannabis kinda like a light edible dose - I don’t really “notice” anything but I’m a hair bit more relaxed and my desire to smoke is curbed a bit. I’m a fairly heavy smoker I guess…

I habe a Da Buddha dry herb vape and I would love it if I was rich and also had a slave… the first two hits are the best tasting ever in the world ever, super minty goodness in your mouth but then after that in order to get your moneys worth you gradually inhale slower and turn up the heat and stir the bowl a little and the taste gets more and more toasted… I’ve heard many dry herb vapes don’t give very good performance, for example no temp dial at all or a temp dial but it must be at 100% to get a small first hit, the da Buddha is at 3/4 power in my sweet spot…

It ends up being less efficient imo and more labor intensive. I do notice however that my cough entirely disappears when I only dry herb vape. I much prefer liquid vaping so far, and it’s just a matter of getting my juice dosage right.

Next grow (sadly will be a few months before I can start) I will have better quality end product and I can side the ratio more as well…

I’m sad I’ve run out of science materials! (Weed)

But I’ve learned a lot with my first grow (pain salve, edibles, ejuice). Learn all the lessons quick and from then on, forever, I can be efficient with everything


I too am running a bit short of “experimental materials” since my outdoor grow this year was all but destroyed by back to back hurricanes in my area. I salvaged some wind stripped colas, but the quality was low as they were somewhat short of maturity. But I do have an indoor White Widow Photo plant going now in month 2 - this is my first indoor grow. Hope I’ll get some good materials from her to move forward.

I bought a Magical Butter machine to make alcohol based tinctures, then I’ll reduce the tincture down to MBO (Magical Butter Oil) and make some vape liquid and also try some edible gummies for my elderly mom. Just need more weed to make this happen. Like you say, I need to dial in my dosage and product strength.

BTW, I saw a video where a dry vaper guy took his “spent” weed from the unit and used the toasted weed to fill capsules. Said this method “decarbed” the weed in the low heat process of vaping, so the left over bud was potent used in capsules. Basically a 2 for 1 special…sounded interesting if in fact it works.


It does work if you have a dry herb vaporizer. It won’t be as potent as unvaped. But it does work. I looked into that as well. But I figured i’d rather have full strength vape liquid and full strength canna caps.


I’m still experimenting, so my next mission will use the Ardent Decarb machine (1.5 hours), then use the Magical Butter Machine (4 hours) to do an Everclear tincture. I’ll reduce that tincture to an oil on heat and make some vape base for my Rubi and Mag Baby. I have enough product to do a couple of batches, so my other batch will be some gummies for my elderly mom. Dosing will be experimental in both situations.

The beauty of the decarb machine and the butter machine is that I can make tinctures in one day and be done.


Both of my machines (decarb & butter) have arrived and I decarbed 10g yesterday. The Ardent decarboxylator is really discreet looking and quite attractive, and could pass for a coffee or spice grinder on the counter. It gave off no smell while cooking, but the MJ smells the best I have ever smelled any weed when done. The down side is this machine is a bit on the spendy side, and decarbing can be done easily in a toaster oven or sous vide as many are doing now. This is a luxury item for sure, but I am very pleased to have bought this item…

I started the butter machine this morning for a tincture. The machine is very nice and high quality - I paid $127 total with free shipping. I added the decarbed bud and 3 cups of everclear, then set the temp to 130F for an 8 hours cook. There are various temp and time settings available, but the directions say 8 hours will give max extraction from the weed. Another option said 4 hours, but I am not pushed for time and rather have the best potency I can get.

I’ll do the reduction (electric burner lol) tomorrow until I hit the right viscosity. This batch will be for vape juice with a VG/PG blend. I also plan to do a second batch for gummies next - either this weekend or next week. I have a recipe for gummies from @ladithief on the Lab forum if anyone is interested. More to come.


I generally use 28g to 3 cups of everclear then just reduce one cup at a time for mbo for gummies and what not. I bought some small jars blue in color to help keep the thc levels and when I pour into pan to reduce I ran through a coffee filter to get as much of the plant particle out before reducing.


That’s a good plan. I am “dialing” in my process at this point, and the butter machine has a minimum fill line that has to be met for the blender and probe to operate properly. The down side is the everclear is pretty expensive to simply cook off in the reduction, but that’s the way the machine is designed. Maybe the extra everclear will aide in better extraction.


It’s $18 well spent on the everclear as I make about 50-60 gummies per attempt and that one bottle gives me 3 attempts. Also very easy to once you’ve done a few times.


Also 1 gummy is about 40 mg so they’re pretty potent most cut in half or more and they stretch out nicely. Edibles react to the contents in the stomach so keep in mind when partaking because if eaten on empty stomach results will be not good get a piece of good bacon or something of that nature and hold on for take off!


I’m anxious to get started and see how my extraction potency works out. I like to vape my meds, but my elderly mom likes CBD gummies and is not inclined to smoke. She and I disagree on this, but I think the full spectrum of cannabinoids from MJ in gummies may give her better general relief than the CBD oils alone. She is afraid of getting high and I do understand her point. If she cant tolerate the gummies, I’ll use them myself so they wont be wasted.

I just saw your post and am very aware of finding the proper dose. Also, thanks for the tip on having a little something in your stomach when ingesting. LOL, this gives me a heck of a good excuse to eat bacon! Love it!!


They magical butter say decarbing longer at higher temps gives you cbd I cannot attest to this as I’m found of the thc. I bought this machine because my mother in law to try to help her find some relief before her passing but the stigma attach to mj was a bit much for her in the beginning as well. But then she actually tried them and found them to help! I can’t help but trust mb2 because everything they said do has worked so until otherwise I’m bought sold n delivered!


Yeah, I think once they get over the social stigma of MJ and feel the benefits, all changes for the better.

I set my machine for 130F with an 8 hour run since I read I’ll get a better extraction with the 8 hours setting. Did you do yours at 160F?


Nope same as you 130 for 8 hrs and sometimes if I’ve forgotten it was running I’ll do another hour as I like the tincture to be warm hot when putting into the jars.


I was thinking it may be easier to deal with warm like you said. My machine should finish at 4:30 pm today, and I get off at 5. I figure the tincture will have cooled down enough by the time I get to it to be handled.


Some use the spent flower in the machine to put in capsules and not throw away again I cannot attest but next batch I will put some in capsules just to experiment with as well.


I’ll be interested in hearing if there is any value in that spent flower. I just tossed out the flower from my last tincture, so maybe I should try saving it too. Hope you’ll post back once you try this.


Have you sampled yet? :joy: