Making my own vape juice


This is my daily use mod. Except mine is green.


@DoobieNoobie at do you think about the Espion TC 200w starter kit y joyetech on that list? Seems like one of the better ones available?

Is it missing anything or all inclusive? One of them said something like for 200wstts it needs additional batteries and now I’m unsure of what I get and what’s required. I want the refillable pods and the battery and the charger and the whole unit, with adjustments.

Reviews on the ultrasonic aren’t favorable, not on that site at least. Doesn’t nec mean anything. Neat technology tho


Yeah it needs batteries. Most in that list do. That one and most the others take 18650 batteries which are extremely common. And also although some come with a charging port it’s better to charge externally. But if you get to the point you use it a lot a spare pair of batteries will make it where you just swap them out for the charged pair.

That’s great batteries and a charger that will work for them. The batteries will last a couple years if used regularly.


As for the ultrasonic. Yeah I read a lot of iffy reviews. They were selling for about $30 and at that price i’d try it. But not at the price that I listed above. As for that Joyetech they make solid mods.


I ordered the Mag Baby kit as discussed. I added a couple of bottes of flavoring to get the price to $49 so I could get free shipping. I got a text that the order has shipped and I’ll get it on Monday. Once I try it out, I’ll post back and share my thoughts.

It continues to amaze me the offerings available to vape these days. There is a ton of stuff to filter thru, so its been a great resource for you vapers to help steer me in the right direction. Thanks for this!


I have a couple friends running the full size Mag mod and they love it. It feels really nice in the hand because of the shape. You’ll like it.


I’m going to do what I should have done in the first place and hold off on a purchase and see what you think @MT3.

How cool is this, I’m glad people are getting involved and information is changing hands. Thank y’all.

I figured I may as well burn up the other rubi pods since I ran out of flower today, so I loaded up 3rd pod and I’ve been toking it since last night. Longest I’ve had one work so far, as long as its charged and full it’s been consistent decent mini clouds.

I guess I want stronger juice though… on one hand I enjoy it and it does scratch the I wanna smoke itch a little bit on the other hand I sat there and hit it like twenty times in a row while taking a break earlier, until the battery needed a charge and I wasn’t really high…

Edit - well that’s a lie, I’m getting a little buzz now for sure lol but I’m chonging it hard and the unit is pretty warm and the battery dies quickly at this rate. Could be way stronger though, I think I’ll double the next recipe… the juice lasts so long too wow…

Was someone saying witj vaping cannabis you dont have to hold the hits in?


Bummer on it not getting you high. I’ve got a magic butter machine that should be here by Christmas. Hopefully I can have enough trim to test it out sometime after new year’s. The more of us that are experimenting the sooner we can get a system that works.


And yes with vaping you don’t need to hold it in. It’s absorbed through your mouth for 90% of it the other 10% your lungs.


Wife and I hit the Rubi several times and she tried to hold it in like old fashioned joint tokes or bowl rips. I told her that is unnecessary but she still thinks you got to hold it in until tomorrow morning to get a buzz. Untrue.

I like the vaping technique of consumption for multiple reasons, but it doesn’t seem to rip me like an old fashioned bong blast. I don’t think I have adjusted the proper dosage, but I do tend to go light until I find the right stride. None the less, I am gonna keep at the vaping deal and figure this thing out.

BTW, the dreaded MIL did a surprise visit as I was blowing out a vape cloud. I was scared she’d smell the reefer but not a single word. She is the kind who would squawk like hell, so I know the vape cloud is basically scent free. Awesome.


Haha that’s funny. But that’s a good scent test as any other.


I’ll give it a fair shake and let you know my thoughts albeit I am a novice at this. I do know that dry herb vaporizers are not my cup of tea, and I like the smooth clouds that vape pens give with liquid oils. I have never tried shatter or wax since my area is not fucking civilized like some other states.


@PotandPans I got my Mag Baby 50W kit in yesterday and wanted to share my thoughts. Remembering I am new to vaping, my thoughts are very novice like, but this can be a good thing since I am not biased at all.

The machine is VERY well built and a great looking machine. I could tell quality was a priority with SMOK and this device surprised me in that I bought it for $39 albeit that was a sale price inked by @DoobieNoobie. Shipping was free with $49 purchase, so I added $10 in DIY flavorings which ended up being a very good thing as I’ll explain.

The unit needed to be charged, and I have a wall plug for the USB charger. It took a couple of hours for a full charge. The unit is somewhat intuitive to operate, but it took me a few minutes to get the operation sequences down. The tank is pretty big so I put in several ml’s of my base I had made, THEN I put 3 drops of strawberry flavor in the tank. EXCELLENT!! This way I didn’t flavor too much at a time, and if you try multiple flavors, this is the best approach. I LOVED the flavor!

The unit can heat up to 50 watts, but I found that level WAYYY too high for my liking and the vape was quite hot to me. There is also an air adjustment carb on the tank’s base so you can set the draw resistance to your preference. I played around with the wattage and liked the 20W setting which gave me huge clouds of vape that was very smooth and nicely cool tasting.

I hit it multiple times dialing in the settings and got my ass stoned far more than anticipated. My wife hit it a time or two, and despite all this experimenting, the battery level didn’t drop but one small tick on the scale. The displays are very neat and you can easily set the parameters with easy to follow instructions. The wattage level is set in .1 watt increments so there is a lot of control with the vape temps.

By no means am I able to compare this unit to other vapes since I only have the RUBI to make a comparison, but they both have unique advantages. The Mag Baby would be ideal for home as this unit is nice and heavy altho a neat compact size. Probably wouldn’t be the thing to carry, so that’s where the RUBI comes in for your shirt pocket…discreet too.

All in all, I rate the Mag Baby as a must have for the price of $39. I still cannot believe this high quality unit sold for this low price. I highly suggest this kit, and I’m sure vaping is my preferred way of medicating as this unit is so enjoyable.

I do have a dry vape machine called the Pax 3. I like it “ok”, but like liquid vaping far better than dry herb vaping. The weed has an odd taste to me in the dry vape that I don’t like much, but it takes some experimenting around to find the right product. The main idea is the Mag Baby is not expensive in case it isn’t your cup of tea. If you buy a Pax and don’t like it, the investment is much more. The Mag Baby is a no brainer.


@DoobieNoobie quotes: I’ve got a magic butter machine that should be here by Christmas. Hopefully I can have enough trim to test it out sometime after new year’s. The more of us that are experimenting the sooner we can get a system that works.

@DoobieNoobie I am trying to find ways to medicate my mom’s pain, so we just ordered an Ardent Decarb machine and a Magical Butter maker. Between these and my new Mag Baby, my Christmas looks like a “Weed Fest”.

I’ll use the machine to make tinctures for my vapes, and use the machine to make infused oils for my mom’s meds.


Awesome on both posts. I’m glad you like and see the value in the baby mag. I haven’t heard of the decarb machine. I’ll have to look that up. I plan to make capsules and vape juice with the magic butter machine. Both will need to be decarbed from my research. I joined bergman’s lab recently and over on that side (it’s a pay for access forum from ILGM) and there’s some good write ups there on making capsules. So if that’s your goal I’ll try to go through it and copy some of the highlights when I get time to share here.


Cool deal. I joined the Lab Forum a few weeks ago. I’ll look for you there as well so I’ll check on the capsule making tips. I’m MT3, same name there too…


Ah I’m the same. The thread was pretty recent.


Once you get your ideas and recipes together, please share them. I hope my butter maker comes in soon as I ordered it this weekend.

The decarb machine is an Ardent Nova Lyft Decarboxylator.


I looked it up. I think I’ll just decarb in smaller jars in my toaster oven for now. I’ll definitely share the recipe that is listed in the lab with pictures once I get to that point. There’s a few different ones so it’ll still be trial and error probably.


Good deal…thanks for sharing which helps us all make better decisions. A good example is your suggestion for the 50W Mag Baby which would have remained an unknown to me w/o your input.

The decarb machine is a luxury, at least that’s what I consider it since its easy to decarb in a toaster oven.

Appreciate your friendship.