Making my own vape juice


A Smoant Battlestar is a 200 watt mod for around $40. There’s always tons of sub ohm tanks less than twenty bucks. $20 for batteries and $15 for a separate battery charger to speed charging.


I have bought a second Rubi since we talked last. I think of myself as a light hitter meaning the number of times I use it is only a couple of times a day. But I like big clouds and sort of “milk” the pen to get the vape cloud I like. I bought a dual USB wall socket charger and plug both Rubi’s in at a time every other day or so. Charging only takes an hour or so since I don’t have the batteries drained much.

All in all, especially for my smoking style, the Rubi suits my needs. If I was a power hitter, I’d think of the Rubi as a fun device but would want a home run hitter in addition. In fact, I want to search around and look for suggestions on a good refillable vape pen as discussed that may work for our purposes with vape oil, but not needed for shatter or wax. Maybe @DoobieNoobie can offer a suggestion after reading this.


Just about anything would be stronger. I had to look it up but the Rubi runs at 8.5 watts. But if you wanted a fairly cheap but considerably higher power piece i’d go this route. The coils are changeable and are available at most vape shops since it’s a popular one. And it includes everything you need to get started.


Man, I like the way this Mag Baby looks! May be worth a try since it is not very expensive at all.

Question: Have you tried, or is it available, a bottled blend of PG/VG with some sort of flavoring that can be mixed with our homemade cannabis tincture to be used in a vape pen?


Yes hold on I’ll get you a link.
Here ya go. Pick any flavor from here and choose 0 nicotine. @mt3


I should add that you want to mix your tincture with the least amount of other ingredients that way you’re not diluting the flavor. Or from that same website you can get VG and flavoring in concentrate form. Then make your tincture with the VG and after done add 4% of the total volume of flavoring. Then keep adjusting 2% more at a time until you get to a flavor level you want.


I recently made some using a mix of 70/30 vg/pg. I made tincture with grain alcohol reduced it down to a oil. Mixed with 10 mil of mixture and 2 droppers of loranne flavoring. I’m a simple man so I don’t use a high powered set up I prefer my 510 thread pen. I’ll do this again a tweak a Lil. Getting good clouds from this mixture.



Would this work: I have a quart each of VG and PG. I use the products for various purposes, not exclusively for vaping. My last batch I used cannabis tincture with a blend of VG/PG. It is fine but I thought it would be nice to have some flavors added. Since I have all the other ingredients, can I buy just the flavoring agent and add a drop to give some flavor to the vape?

I did see the link and also see that 0 nicotine option. Since I have all these other items, maybe I can just buy the flavoring only?


Yeah just go for the flavoring only. Open the menu and go to the DIY section and order flavoring from that section. It comes in smaller bottles so you can test cheaper. Then if you find one you want you can order bigger bottles. Most flavoring takes 10% but some are lower. So for example you have 100ml of liquid you’ll start at 4ml then test. Then keep raising by 2ml at a time until you are satisfied with the flavor.

But don’t mix all the base you have at once. Save some in case you don’t like it or you in case you add to much flavoring v


I think I bought these from the bay for like $12 top vape flavors not sure I’ll use some of them. Also hobby lobby has the flavoring as well if you wanted to purchase 1 to try out.


Yeah just be careful with those. They are way stronger than a lot of the others out there.


Agreed although I didn’t add enough with the 2 droppers so that’s one of the tweaks for me.


Yep and for future reference that cotton candy flavor is used to make any vape flavor taste sweeter. But to much it will gunk up your coil faster.


Good information! Had no idea Hobby Lobby sold flavors. There are some vape shops locally but I have only gone the DIY route from discussions here and never been into a vape shop. I may try a drop at a time of a flavor and see how I like it. I am going to order that Mag Baby you suggested.


Yeah most the vape shops won’t sell you concentrated flavor. They want that money themselves. And nothing wrong with that but it’s way cheaper to make it yourself.


@DoobieNoobie knows his stuff!

How did you know they would be concentrate just by looking at Them? So instead of 4% total volume flavoring, if I had concentrates like that I’d go a 2-3 drops on my 28mL dropper bottle and go from there probably huh?

What about a better rig than that one you posted. Im not having good luck with this Rubi. I like sleek and not a huge pipe bomb looking thing in my hand. But first pod won’t work really dunno why. Second pod i was blowing clouds and man, this juice gets my ears ringing and head buzzing hard. It’s different than smoking and dry herb vaping both imo, I’ve only been satisfied a few times and put it down though… very often I would habe trouble - usually because the pod was low or the battery was low, but here recently the second pod won’t really work and I just stopped. I have two more pods but meh.

The juice seems hella strong. I double filtered it through cheesecloth and I don’t see any particulates in it. I thinned it by adding more VG… I’m not sure what the problem is to be honest… I’m pretty annoyed bc I didn’t know enough about rigs to build one, and I thought this would be fine for me, but unlike @MT3 I like to toke, even at Rubis best id say those were mini clouds ,- very respectable for the size and sleekness of the unit but i have trouble and cant so anythinf about it…perhaps my oil is still a little thick for Rubis liking… I don’t know.

My budget is $60-80 I guess unless a little more gets me a lot. I’d prefer both air and power adjustments. I know nothing about styles coil types methods of entry

Based on what the rubi is doing (maybe coil has residue caked on it acting as barrier preventing vaporization of fresh ejuice, either bigher power could bake it off or removable wicks or coils)I would like easily removable and serviceable or somethinf


The Baby Mag kit @DoobieNoobie linked looks good. That pen can be set variably up to 50W where our Rubi pens are 8.5W which is a huge power difference. His link shows a vaporizer for $39 so I’ll order one to try it. I honestly haven’t hit the bong but a time or two since you got me started making tinctures. My mother in law pulled a surprise visit - while I was hitting the Rubi I hear her knocking. The cloud dissipated immediately and she didn’t smell a thing. All good my friend…all good!


Pretty much anything from this list is pretty good mid range with easy access to replacement coils.

Rebuildable tanks and atomizers are the better way to go but only after you have some experience because there are some tricks to them that experience will help you understand more.

As for how I knew those were concentrated lol. I’ve been making my own juice, coils, even mods for over 6 years. In the beginning of vaping in the US if you wanted to save money that was the only way to get it for a long time. So there’s not much I haven’t tried. Some with good results. Some with really really bad results lol. I’m sitting here using a mod I built myself using a circuit board from a small company, with a atomizer from a small US company. Which is also code for not cheap lol. But my workhorse for daily usage is a $300 setup built for cloud competitions even though I think such things are silly. But it’s a powerhouse because of that. And I own several mechanical mods that I’ve had for years that take a beating and keep on going.


This is something I’ve never tried personally. It’s the first ultrasonic vaporizer. It works just like a cool mist humidifier. Using 2.4ghz vibrations to turn it into vapor instead of heat. But most places are sold out except the higher priced places like this one. If it comes back into stock at one of the better places i’d like to try it.