Making my own vape juice


Ps - i think this is useful informatjon for this thread. I always had a mixed feeling about decarbing in oven because someone old me the reason edibles never worked flr me was i was vaping off half the goodies by decarbing (tbis was many years ago shen internet was nothing but messageboards and facts were harder to come by)

And so i hit the dilemma again when deciding to fadt dry this blue haze - can i put it at 160 and be fast or will that drop potency?

So i found this. Supposedly lowest temp cannabinoids vape off at 315 i think it was and bad conpounds are created upwards of 480. This doesnt matter too mch to us with rubis or other non adjustable pens except i feel safe at 160 in dehydrator and more comfortable about my standard 240 for 20minutes decarb


14.56 grams ILGM blue haze went into 240deg oven for 22 minutes.

Out came 13.76 grams decarbed bud. Into mason jar, just enough everclear to cover it. I think in the future if im making it on the regular and trying hot extractions (simmer alcohol in double boiler) ill use this 80proof vodka. Much cheaper. On cold extractions (open air evap) though i dont want that 60% water complicating things

Start the countdown.


Cant wait to hear more. So yes, my 7G of decarbed bud ended up making 40 mL of vape juice. I figured that is about 1.4 ounces of juice which is a huge amount. I bought some 2 ounce medicine bottles with dropper off Amazon and the dropper tip fits exactly down into the RUBI pod like it was MADE to fit. Awesome. If you want the link on Amazon, just holler.

So I filled 2 of these bottles about 1/3 full each so I could have some at my house and some at my farm cabin. I ordered the second RUBI pen for a spare or to have at a second location.

I love this method of medication. Good stuff. I did notice that Everclear was real expensive, but I plan to use it again when I make tinctures with air evaporations. Honestly, I think this is the way to go!!


Yeah, i mean, where i come from, having 7 grams go that far, knowing thats several several pods worth, and each pod is good for several small sessions… yeah thats well worth $60 street value (hopefully cheaper homegrown). For sure.


I think we are on to something here…


So to summarize what we have found in a nice neat place, MT3 has found that one week soak, shaking once daily of 7 grams decarbed in everclear, then reduced to 5mL and mixed with i cant remember, 20-30mL VG, and that worked goos. Perhaps not super strong, but immediate success.

I did a 24hour hot extract into pure VG and the jury is still out on whether that works because the recipe i followed online was way off. However, the taste was pretty horrendous ans this route will not be pursued.

Cold long term extractions into pure VG are underway but expect to take 3-4months via recipe. While this is cheaper, doing a shorter cold extraction into everclear or similar would take 2-4 weeks (or even really just 1 as MT3proved) so i think the cold VG extract method should be abandoned. Alcohol extract + open air evap still preserves all terpenes since no heat was introduced. Honestly if one was to apply heat to reduce the alcohol volume to 5mL you would lose soms of the flavors and aromas you kept intact by being patient with your cold extract. So i would recommend open air evap with cold extracts as a rule.

Ive since been looking around hoping to find people do short alcohol soaks but in fact i fond most say 2weeks minimum for a quality alcohol extraction like green dragon. So the more time we can give it, the better it seems. I was hoping for a short method to explore.

So, i figured why not take some of this bruce banner and try the hot extraction methods ive read about? Ill post one here, the first two or three ive looked at are more or less the same

Its almost exactly the same as cold methods - 7grams decarbed, alcohol extraction, reduce alcohol to 5mL, add 20mL vape juice. Only diffeeence is you use double boiler in well ventilated area to aid extraction. And since we use heat, cant hurt to speed things up by reducing the alcohol down to 5mL in the same doubke boiler

On my next grow i hope to set aside some choice product and do a long cold alcohol extraction over a month or so… that would preserve all terpenes and what not.

Im going to see what i can spare maybe even throw in some of this sugar leaf trim i have, ill decarb it tonight, start an alcohol soak overnight and then do the hot extract tomorrow -


I am officially spoiled with this vape juice and really hope to fine tune my process to keep a steady supply. I took a good old fashioned glass bong hit over the weekend and immediately knew I much preferred the vape. I’m not so much an edibles guy, and still like the smoke aspect of medicating. Just never realized how harsh bong hits are compared to a Kandy pen which is totally cool to use for this application.

My outdoor grow got all screwed up with 2 hurricanes this fall and darn near left me weedless. I did salvage some mediocre (immature) bud, but not enough to get me into a place I can try much experimenting with tinctures. I guess I’ll stay with 7G decarbed buds and trim, soak in Everclear for two full weeks, then naturally evaporate to 5mL. This seems to be a safe approach considering my weed shortage.


Yeah, i mean you have success and should be able to repeat that success. And really if u went two weeks like u say this time itll probably be more potent by just doing that.

I much prever smoke or vape over edible as well, so im with you, im not much into doing tinctures. I may do one small half batch and let it cold soak long time and make legitimate green dragon, but it would be intended to last years (i have amber dropper bottles to protect against light, just shove in freezer) and be mostly for friends.

But im with you in wanting to smoke my trim instead of making budder and that was a big reason of me starting this thread and being hopeful - turn trim into quality “smoke”.

Major cold snap here in south texas and we are basically cold blooded down here, nobody is getting anything done. Ill prob do extract tomorow. Ive been back on the glass bubbler for a while and have developed an annoying little cough again, remembering when i mainly vaped and had zero cough.

Oh, and i scrounged up 12.5grams, decarbed it, its been soaking 24hours now i guess. Prob be 36 or 48 when i hot extract tomorrow


Great thread and I’m learning a lot. Me me me me too ! Ha I too want to make some quality oil too. I can remember back to the early 70s. I didn’t toke commercial weed etc we toked what was then called and what we all strive to grow sinsimelia and oil made from that. We didn’t have a vape back then we used glass bowls or warmed the oil just a tad and stick a sewing needle in it and smear it on a cig and light it up ; anywhere by the way and , it just wrecked a person. It was $30 a gram back then. God ! I want some and I want to make it good like some here seem to be doing.


Ive never heard of that. Do you have a grow going amd are you going to try and make some? Id love to be included.

Everyone, i havent forgotten about my commitment to this thread, my dad went in hospital monday and i drove cross state and spent all week with him and some family, an emotional week, fear of father dying monday, fear of paralysis tuesday, not sure wednesday, thanksgiving in ICU thursday, moved down to regular rooms friday, hotel room next to hospital friday night just in case and im back home sat night. Hug your parents, become friends with your grown kids - it can all slip away on a random sunday when you wake up to a phone call at 2am.

My extractions have been soaking this whole time and ill be resuming in a day or two when i regain my composure.

Peace and Love


Sorry about your father. That must be rough. I’ll say a prayer and send good vibes your way.


my dad is pretty sick. hes been sick a long time so lets not get into details. i wanted to share something i realized about getting older.

even though im older now than my dad was when i was born hes always been old and im young. right? Well yesterday i realized my dog is getting old. and i cant deny im getting old too. it really hit me if he is getting old then i must be too.

i really dont wanna leave this place, ever. I really like being alive.

but every time i see my dad im sure to give him my love and mess up his hair. he hates it. but no one else pisses him off quite like i can and it makes him feel alive. lol


:pensive: my sympathy. Your so correct and nothing prepares you for it all we can do as you say love our family and keep them close. It can slip away and all we have is the memories we made and those memories should be about time spent not regrets.

Yes I’m going to attempt to make some oil but I’ll be using buds. I use the trim for edibles like hard candy cookies or peanut butter knots. Sinsimelia I believe the word is Spanish or derivative and means “Seedless Weed” or without seeds etc it’s just a term for female plant/buds. It cost as much as $800-$1200 per oz but avg price was $400 back then depending where you lived and honey oil hash oil was $30-90 per gram. One drop in a glass bowl could get 7 stoners born again lol the potency would definitely help with my issues.

May you find balance in your situation


Thanks everyone.

After we got out of the hospital (5days) I took him to see a movie (beautiful boy) and it was sad and nice both, I’ve been out of the house for years and years and my career caught up with me so it’s been like 13 years since I’ve seen him o n the regular and he’s lost a lot of his muscle mass in his arms and shoulders his face is skinnier he has a delay in processing and speech (parkinsons) … like @basementstealth says it’s a slap in the face to realize he’s in the twilight of his life now… anyway, heavy heavy movie ehich i like, great slap in the face message whoch i like, my dad really showed me he cant see well amymore (had to fuide him into his movie seat), cant walk well (had to take steps super slow, constantly slow my pace so i didnt lead him and make him think he was walking slow) and it was heartbreaking and made my eyes water one second when im siting in my dark movie seat with my arms outreached trying to guide him in the dark to where the seat was and keep my arms behind him as he slowly puts his weight into the seat, but then i reached over and rubbed his hair with my hand like a little kid and we both laughed. Oh man, its hard knowing his time is near, his arms were towers and he taught me how to fix stuff for a living. Invincible becomes fragile. Very hard. I’m now very focused to finish this remodel and sell and move in with him for a while to catch up and enjoy some times while we can. Hopefully get one more motorcycle ride or skydive in together. We are quite the team.

Thank God for cannabis. And that it’s becoming legal. And Thank God for magic mushrooms too, they help in times like these. Johns Hopkins has already petitioned the US govt to move psilocybin from schedule 1 to schedule 4, thats a very specific, very huge bold move and theyve only been studying thrm for a year or two. Im proud to say i contributed a detailed essay to them, as did dozens of amateur mycologists i know. Im so envigorated that our world is being taken over hy the next generation and the effects are obvious. Wash this Nixon residue away and maybe the next generations will habe psilocybin therapy available wirh real therapists here in the US…

I digress…

@Zsitchin I would be very interested in your hard candy, peanut butter knot, and your sens. Oil! I love tinkering and haven’t tried any of those!

I’m not sure if you or anyone are into pain salves but I have a pretty comprehensive thread on what I’ve learned from tinkering with those :

I make cannacoconut oil or canna clarified butter (less efficient in the extraction but much better flavor) with trim and divvy up into 1 tbsp portions in ice cube tray to cool or bake anything under the sun, but so far I’m not that big on it.

I think next experiment will be in the hash / concentrate dept.

So… took both the extraction i had going and boiled them down in a pot of water. I found the sweet spot to be where the pot of water wasn’t even bubbling - not even a simmer - yet the everclear in the mason jar was simmering good, not a boil a soft rolling simmer very obvious and soft. I maintained this for probably an hour or two, stirring every five or ten minutes. I used a lot of everclear even splashed some more in there during the process as this is a heat assisted extraction I was doing (ground decarbed herb + everclear in mason jar) and when it was getting low on volume after adding some more alcohol one time, I removed from heat, strained but through cheesecloth and potato ricer to squeeze every drop out, and returned the clean liquid back to boiling pot.

30 more minutes or so until the simmering action in mason jar stopped. I smelled it and still smelled a bit of alcohol so I cranked up heat more, got pot of water to a good boil and noticed the mason jar got to a soft simmer again.

Maintained another 5 minutes or do and that simmer inside mason jar stopped. Removed from heat. Dabbed some on a straw and held to flames no flare up.

Both of my extraction jars totalled around 20grams decarbed bud (will double check probably and edit if nec) and that reduced to around 15mL liquid. I then added 28mL (one whole 1oz dropper bottles worth) of VG to it, note this VG is from the original failed extractions, so there’s some black widow in those 28mL already, dunno how much. and now i have a loaded Rubi pod and an overfull and spilling 1oz dropper bottle (which fits rubi pod hole exactly as well, how neat)

Mixed feelings so far - I really need to borrow someone’s rig to see - the rubi I find that I have a hard time drawing enough air through with this thicker vape juice - the earlier batch was runnier and I had less resistance to me sucking through the hole - I’m getting a headache and small hits - but my ears were ringing and I had to put the vape pen down for a minute too, so I don’t know what’s going on yet… I need a few days to toke… maybe thin it down with a little more VG…

@MT3 any issues with your Rubi? Hard to draw? My battery goes down quick does yours? I think this juice will be one hitter quitter if I had a powerful adjustable rig


I wish you were around me. I’ve got several high power mods. Glad to hear you got to spend time with your father. I hope it works out where you can spend more time while you still can.


Me too. My aim is to be finished with this house in Christmas.

  • kept having issues with getting good hits - thinned out my dropper bottle with a few dropper fulls more VG (with a little black widow in it). Now i have two dropper bottles about 2/3 way full with 20grams in them.Tried again. Red faced and baby hit. Unwrapped three pack of Rubi pods and filled a new pod/coil unit with homemade juice. Plugged it in. Blew out a huge cloud first hit. My experiments have clogged up the first coil pod… I’ll have to clean it somehow.

I’ve got a good feeling about this now! Answers are near!


Awesome glad it’s working. That’s really my complaint about those little tanks. They don’t typically last long and are finicky.


If i end up liking this could you recommend an affordable / not too fancy rig with a large tank and proper adjustments? How much would it set me back?

  • bout to hit the hay have a good night


These days you can get really good setups with a whole lot more power for under a hundred dollars. That includes everything you need. You get to that point I’ll give you some options to look at.


which rigs ru referring to?