Making my own vape juice


ah 1 year. maybe they will chime in next time they are here


I think pay once for training program and forum is included. To be sure, you should email the support the link for the lab.


I have gotten a TON of value from this basic forum alone. @raustin has been an encyclopedia of knowledge and has provided blow by blow support including my equipment setup. I am gratefully indebted.

Since I feel I have been nurtured so far, would there be a “quantum leap” of material in the grow lab that I can benefit from over and beyond what is currently available? I would gladly pony up the dinero if there is a benefit of added value to realize and justify the expense. If not, I’ll just hang tight where I am now.


all things in there own time. i still need an ec meter and a temp humidity monitor. preferrably one that will track multiple days and provide trend lines via wifi to my phone and push notifications of out of bound humidity and temp.

but i may get into the lab to help complete my setup with the right tech for me


Totally understand. I like the idea of a humidity/temp monitor that connects via WI-FI or Bluetooth. My current gauge is a simple unit I paid $11 on Amazon. If you see something really cool, please share so I can take a look.


theres plenty that have bluetooth and some that store days of measurements. but the only setups ive found that will push into to my phine via internet alert me to highs and lows are expensive like +100$


Sorry @MT3, im highly sporatic and almost unreliable right now, in a nutshell i had a contractor walk out on me in the middle of a bad tile shower job and then a hurricane hit - so ive been self employed / paid by insurance to rebuild a whole house by myself save for the few times i can enlist some help.

This past week i was working clear til 7 or 8 every night cutting and hanging tile and last night i grouted for the first time… it looks so good, im tickled pink! Ive learned so much this ysar and so much of my work looks pro! They make it easy you just add water for eveything nowadays, like learning to grow your own herb its something everyoen can and should learn to do themselves if they can

That shower has been a source of anxiety for over a year now and its almost done. I cant relate to yall thd change in state of mind. (Anxiety is a primary reason i started to learn to grow)

So @MT3 whats your review after several days vaping on homemade now?

Did you try to re-incorporate the RSO glob back into everything or what exactly did you do?

My bruce banner is dry and ready - ive got some beauuuuutiful smelling ILGM blue haze hanging to dry and a little gorilla glue - but my yields are horrible considering my lighting :frowning: pretty sure i know where i went wrong but theyre tiny tiny.

Ill be soaking some banner tomorrow and startinf my soak - trying to replicate mt3’s success so ill be aiming for 10 days as well.

Question - is it necessary to dry the proxuct before startinf alcohol extraction?

I know the go to answer would be yes, but in this case i could start a blue haze batch a week sooner - i dont see why not. Added water would be the concern - which could help transfer flavors or colors into the juice, but it def wouldnt affect extraction of actives… so i think im gonna try it.

…dont have much to lose, the VG that i slow cooked over night tastes horrible anyway…

Whats it taste like MT3?


Oh - weight will be harder to gauge.

7grams dried herb becomes 5mL with common recipe, wet herb would be less accurate dosage.

They say indicas will weigh 25% of their wet weight, sativas 20%. So i could guess it pretty close if made some right after harvest with wet herb. Mines been drying a day or two so its lighter already.

…not that i should aim to be this exact with this… i just like to try and understand as i go. Sometimss you just gotta be wreckless and double it. I think im gonna double it


Not to triple post or anything, but have yall seen the inkwell humidity controllers on amazon? or inkbird or somethjng. $40 and its an active readout of humidity via long cabled probe, and you can program your lo and hi points and it has two plugs, one for dehumidification circuit, one for humidification.

I came from the growing mushrooms side of things and if humidity gets low yield is drastically reduced (mushrooms are 90% water) so i would keep my humidibucket plugged in the humidification side and as humidity dropped it would be powered on to raise it back up, until a threshold was met and be powered off.

Conversely i could run a dehumidifer off the dehumidifier circuit in the same fashion - if the dehumidifer didnt have its own. You could also have an additional fan plugged into the dehumid plug and a standalone dehumidifer, all depending on what you needed.

Tbey also make a temp one for $40, same concept with cool and heat circuits instead of humid and dehumid.

So, while you cant see it on your phone its way cheaper and after proper setup you wouldnt need to, it just does its thing and each item of concern (temp, humidity, lighting) has its own system that controls it hands off


I like those ink inkbird controllers. I had one of the very early models for heat and cooling for my fermentation chamber in beer brewing.

And experiment away lol. We are all going to need to do a bit of trial and error to find what works best technique and what works for each individual for strength.



Im curious to see how MT3 likes it after a full week to review it, and if its like dry herb vaping in that “something is missing” or if its more like smoking.

This gives us another route to use our trim and popcorn buds too. I make budder, cannacoconut oil and pain salve from trim, but much id rather smoke than eat edibles so far, and it doesnt take much trim to make a round of topicals.


First and foremost, your DIY building skills have “budded” into the professional ranks for sure! I suppose necessity is the mother of invention, and in your case, I’ll say job darn well done!! Very impressive and beautiful work…congrats!!

We left off where I had a bowl of tincture naturally evaporating under a ceiling fan. The gum in the bowl would not dissolve back into suspension no matter what including microwave. I think I could use a dab nail or some other type of RSO of smoking system, but that crap was super messy and I just wiped out the bowl with goop off and dumped the RSO. I had 10 ml of tincture left and tested it with flame to ignite so it was safe and didn’t burn.

10 mL was probably fairly weak with 7g of bud, but the bud was really potent to start with. I mixed it with a mixture of VG/PG and got 40 mL total vape juice from the experiment. I bought a new Kandy RUBI vape pen with refillable pods and simple LOVE it!!! I can take a good toke and it gives me a very deep and satisfying cloud that has a very middle of the road medical dose. Two deep draws is really nice and easy going. In other words, this shit is not going to couch lock you for the day, but it is a very lovely experience.

I like it since there is not a smoke smell that is noticeable to others. If we went to a club to see a band, the cloud and smell is pretty close to any generic nicotine vape pen. Since I finished making the MJ vape juice, I haven’t hit the bong in over a week. I love this eJuice and plan to make another batch soon. I’ll probably increase the potency with the next batch, but this “starter” juice was perfect for me to get a dosage w/o messing up with too heavy of a hit. I pretty well like to start light so this was the right blend for me. I really like this style of medication.


Ha! Thats fair to say, my home improvemrnt skilld ahve definitely been “budding” this oast year, the confidence i have in things that just a year ago id never done and thought id die never doing…

Thanks for the deep detail, i go craxy sometimes with peoples lack of detail. But i cant blame them bc maybe for them details arent important so thats why they didnt give any.

I have the same pen and i also got the three extra pods for $20. There was an online coupon i found somewhere “STAYUP25” and STAYUP50" are both active coupons on the kandypen website. Think i saved 20%, i forget. So if anyone is looking to buy a pen, or if MT3 decides to get an extra 3pack of pods for different strains/concoctions…

So two full drags on the rubi and you could feel it coming on? Good deal good deal… oh i cant wait, its so slim and like u say you can take it anywhere no issue, its clean no mess no smell. Healthier.

Cant wait


Oh yeah! I think I’ll buy a second RUBI just to make sure…LOL. I figure we darn sure don’t want to be stranded if the battery dies. That is really the down side to vape juice in that we are dependent on batteries and such. I’ll always have a few Raw cones rolled and stashed in Doob Tubes, but I sure am digging on this vape pen. I got it sitting by my chair watching the Walking Dead, and it is sooooo nice to reach over and take a hit and not mess around with all the stuff for bongs and such. Easy peasy my friend.


“I havent hit the bong in a week, its been all vaoe pen” - is probably tbe strongest recommendation i could ever read, as a good water bong is my #1 and #2 fave method of consumption.

…you had me at i havent hit the bong in a week.

How is tbe battery holding up? I noticed on mine it seemed to die fast but i only used it that one day


I keep in mind bongs were a way of life from college to this day forward, so for me to say “I’m loving the vape pen” is a pretty serious statement. I wont abandon bongs or cones for sure as they each have a place. But for a daily driver, for convenience with no clean up and mess, I am totally impressed with the RUBI.

I feel the battery life is short with the pen that is very is tiny. Probably hit it several times a day (weekend) and I will need to recharge it every other day. In all seriousness, I am ordering another pen as a backup.

The only “moving part” is the pod, and they are cheap. No cleaning needed, and keep a spare pod or three on hand. I haven’t gotten a gauge for how long the vape juice will last, but there is certainly no waste involved. Keep on keeping on, and the vape feels so much smoother than harsh smoke.


I managed to burn through a whole pod on my first trial when i made my first trial batch and i was very pleased with how many drags i get off a pod ; and how few drops it takes to fill the pod.

If a few tokes does the job like smoking, then a pod should last me days. This has big potential


Oh yeah, I have made something I really like with this MJ eJuice.

If you (and others) have a gauge for this question, please help me…

We all know a pinch of bud in a bowl will do the job. Looking at a nice bud, we can estimate this is good for XX number of hits. But, how does that translate into how many hits that same quantity of product will make by turning it into vape juice.

In other words, are we wasting weed by making a tincture? Or are we saving weed by making a tincture and eJuice? Any ideas?? BTW, my blend was 25% tincture and 75% PG/VG mix.


Im reserving an answer til i make my batch (im fadt drying my blue haze in dehydrator bc i wouldnt be able to confidently decarb with wet bud; starting soak tonight)

But questions ill ask myself is this.

Knowing how much went into tbe tincture (7g right?) And mental math guestimation on how many pods that will fill. Your total volume of final product was what again? 40mL?

Ill know more about hoe much a mL is later tday after figurinf out how kuch my dropper holds and how much my tincture bottles hold (i think thsyre 1oz which is same as 30mL ill have to recheck)

But if i get a full tincture bottle (30mL) of quality (meaning i can feel it within 3 or 4 tokes) off of 7 grans i think id be ecstatic like to the moon.

Because i burned through a pod and it seemed like 50plus drags, and my tinctur bottle could refill one lf these rubi pods like… 10 times? J dont evem know. I mean thats astronomical efficiency if i can achieve that i would think


Please excuse my handwriting this phone is huge. Last phone too small this phone i cant reafh all the letters lol