Making my own vape juice


I liked the idea of letting the alcohol evaporate naturally. But only suggestion there is to cover the container with a coffee filter. It’ll allow the alcohol to go out but keep any bugs or dust from falling in. And be certain the alcohol is gone before vaping it. Best way to do that is to pull a drop out and put a flame to it. If it lights on fire it’s not ready. If it doesn’t you’re good.


Good tip for the coffee filter, I’ll do that. I’ll put the bowl of tincture in a spare bedroom with a ceiling fan going to give it some air movement. I figure it will take several days before the tincture evaporates enough to be ready to blend, but I’ll monitor it daily. I’ll keep you posted.

BTW, I got my grow tent operational yesterday just in time for my WW seed to go in there as the seeding has now sprouted and ready for some light.


Awesome! Great work on the seed now the fun part starts.


Thanks for the support! I started a grow log called MT3’s WW Journey and posted a pic of my tent yesterday. I’ll put the seed cup in the tent today and post a pic when I do.

@raustin has been by my side step by step, and her famous quote was “I will NOT allow you to fail”. I have no choice now but to be successful…LOL. All good.


She’s a blessing to have here. This place is full of amazingly talented and knowledgeable people. And the fact their so willing to share that knowledge is what makes this place great. I hope I can lend my knowledge to this thread to help pay back everything I’ve learned here.


I have had nothing but genuine and honest feedback on ILGM with no big egos and attitudes involved. It is a very kind and nurturing environment where each person wants to see me and others succeed.

I realize this is way too risky and wont happen, but it would be so cool to actually meet some of the folks who have offered so much and been so giving of their time and knowledge. Like I say its doubtful that could realistically happen, but the good thoughts are there anyway.


The lab forum has people that have met. And there’s been a few here. But it’s frowned upon here just for safety. On the lab side it’s ok. Once I can afford the classes over there I’ll join. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s a separate forum and growing classes that costs money to join. Is not cheap but it seems to be worth the money.


Interesting, is there a link I can view to check out the Lab Forum?

Yeah I can easily see that a face to face meeting could easily go the wrong way. We are all careful to fly under the radar, and until federal legislation formally legalizes cannibas, there is always the need for discretion. Even with a medical card, there is too much BS going on to be totally secure.


Yeah even if fully legal there’s still dangers. Thieves are the biggest threat to legal grows. Mine is legal but no one except my wife will know about it. It’s just safer that way.

Here’s the link. The complete course+ support is the one that includes forum access.


Yeah, I decided not to share details or existence of my new grow tent with my outdoor partner. He screwed up and showed some jerk our plants and we got ripped off right when our biggest girl was ready for harvest. And she was a BIG girl with buds as thick as my wrist…I wanted to cry. But this whole scenario has driven me to a more discrete process, so I totally know where you are coming from.

Thanks for the link…heading to check it out.


Right on @MT3! Same pen as me, and your recipe sounds like same ratios too, you say 25% tincture 75% glycol blend and that jives with the numbers ive seen, 5mL alcohol extract : 15-20mL glycol.

I just took a gorilla glue and a bruce banner plant our of my tent into a closet so tomorrow rhey will have a day of dark before i chop and dry. Then the banner is destined for an everclear bath and the same journey as MT3.

I like the idea of natural evap if time allows - i have a gas stove as well but ive simmered alcohol before and found a way to be comfortable. large dutch oven full of water, single jar of alcohol extract in center, the open flame is hid conoletely by huge pot, esp since by time of boiling you have lowered flame to tiny flame to maintain the simmer.

But always think about safety and dont do what youre not comfortable with.

Good idea on lighting the tincture to verify alcohol is removed from final product.

We are on our way!


Got a question @PotandPans since you are familiar with making tinctures via the natural evaporation method:

I decarbed 7 grams, placed in a half pint glass jar w/lid, then covered with 5 oz of Everclear. I let sit 10 days shaking daily.

I strained 2x, once in a mesh strainer and finally thru a coffee filter. I put the tincture in a soup bowl and placed in a spare bedroom with the ceiling on med for evaporation.

What I have is about 5mL of greenish tincture…but there is a fair amount of black tarlike sludge clinging to the bowl. This tar wont dissolve back into suspension no matter how much I stir. I got some of this tar on my hands and I had to get Goop Off to clean my hands.

Have you ever seen this before…and what did you do if so? I suppose this is good old fashioned hash oil and I can use it separately…but not really sure what to do with it.


You basically made Rick Simpson oil. A little heat should loosen it up. I’m not sure how well it would work once it hits that point for vaping. You might be able to get it to dissolve into some VG with a tiny bit of heat. Like 10 seconds in the microwave.


Darn, that Rick Simpson stuff was worse than road tar. It may work for some folks, but damn, messy messy messy.

Anyway, I added a blend of PG/VG along with the evaporated tincture. Tried it out in my Kandy RUBI vape pen and WOW…smooth as Joe Camel. Love it. Learned a new trick and feeling laid back.


I’m kicking tires thinking about the grow lab forum. Do you think the investment is worth it?


im considering it too. it seems comprehensive.


I want to join. I haven’t yet. But from everyone I’ve talked to it’s definitely worth it.


i guess im not sure about the 90 day grow. what if the grow goes longer? how long would i have access to the forum?


I think it’s a 1 year membership. But ask @raustin or @dbrn32


if the level of knowledge is a quantum leap above this forum then id say i have to do it. ive learned so much here! but i can see ill max out unless i have an expert committed to my situation