Making my own vape juice


That’s a good question but most people do a second run on the plant material. Some mix the two runs together others use it for other things. I’ve even seen people take a 3rd run although there’s not much reason from all my research.


@JD419WhyWait @PetesCloset here’s the thread I was talking about.

And for those of you wanting to buy PG or VG in either small or large quantities the place I use is Heartland Vapes. They supply for many of the vape shops around the country and are all around great people to deal with. Here’s their website.


Thanks @DoobieNoobie I’ll be catching up on the thread tomorrow. I’m off to bed now. Appreciate the vape idea.


You’re welcome have a good night


When, I was strictly vaping and not smoking cigarettes. I tried making my own vape juice, and bought 90%/10% vg/pg ratio. Higher VG to get the smoother vape vape and bigger vape clouds. I went with a 100w vape machine at the time, I think it was. The damn coils were so expensive though. If I can figure out how to make my own cannabis juice well. I’d like to find a great vape tank. That, I can make my own coils. Any suggestions?


I tend to use stuff made in the US. I’m currently using a Voltrove mini 30mm tank. They’re not bad on price but needs a pretty big mod to make it fit. Although it did fit pretty well on my Battlestar. But the Voltrove can only be bought online. I think they’re on sale at the moment.


I didn’t live in the states at the time. I lived in Europe for about a decade, in a different life lol. Vaping was much more mainstream there, and the shops were more knowledgeable. Came back here, and many of the shops I was around. They were dumb, and didn’t know what vg and pg was! Out an end to that real quick.


Yeah there’s still lots of ignorant ones. I buy VG by the gallon. Use 100mg nic that’s in PG. That’s the only PG in my liquids. I’m slightly sensitive to the PG so I try not to use much. The mods I have run on LiPo batteries like the ones in higher end RC cars. My favorite is capable of over 1000 watts. But it’s not cheap lol. Nor would any rational person run it that high. It stays in the 200 watt range for me.


I get my nic suspended in VG also so the only PG I have in my juice is from the flavoring. @DoobieNoobie is spot on with Heartland Vapes. I’ve been using them for years.


I went to no nicotine the last 6 months of vaping, so I wasn’t needing that anymore, plus the nicotine, I thought. Caused a burn in the inhalation of the vape. Might of just been me.


Some flavors can do that to. I messed up with some maraschino cherry flavoring. Only supposed to use it at like 1 or 2% my other flavors you use at 10%+. It literally burned my mouth and everything. First and only time I make that mistake. But nicotine has a spicy earthy flavor so it could be that too. I’ve made flavorless and that’s all you taste.


@JD419WhyWait I use eLeaf 30w with aspire Nautilus tanks. I have on tank for nicotine and one for cannabis. Thanks coils aren’t expensive.


I found the burning was when I used the .06 nic and higher or .6 something like that. The good juice used much lower nicotine, and the cheap vaping pens for like £20 used higher pH and was high nicotine. Would make me sick. If I vaped to much on it. I quickly bought a better mood and went up from there. My first decent one was the cool fire iv plus


Yeah to high of a nicotine level will make you hot and dizzy feeling. Not to mention give you a giant headache.


Yup, first night I had one, I didn’t realise that shit. Was at a league darts night, and puffed on it. Didn’t think, I over did it. I didn’t even refill the cheap thing. By the time, we got back to the pub, I felt like I had 10 pints, and wanted to fucking throw my guts up!


Long one - hey everyonebi forgot my password and had all around a lor of troubke getting back in here. I have a good amount of ILGM bruce banner finishing up and will be continuing the experiment

Im glad to have some experienced vapers join the thread illbprobably be wantinf to build my own rig if i pull this off because while sleek and stealth my hit is limited and it has zero adjustments.

Someone asked about decarbing and ive thought the same and heres what i think - only decarb if unsure 1)process of extraction will not fully decarb or b) tenperature of vape/ingestion will not do it.

Ive read varying accounts on whether vape pens will decarb e juices properly, many articles say you should always decarb your ejuice because the pen only gets to vaporizarion temperatures and not high enough to decarb (since each draw is short you woukd need very high temp to instantly decarb)
I dont have adjustments on this Rubi so i didnt look muvh into it but from what ive seen i would think the nice high powered vape rigs could decarb on the go with high heat.

For me, for the hot extractions it wont matter because while im doing the extractikn in a doubke boiler and aiming for 200-220F, im doinf it for a long long time and if we looked at a decarb chart i would achieve rhat in prob an hour or less and im well exceeding that.

For my cold extractions however, thats a very important question, and probably a key point in what seperates the best of the best in the legal cannabis market.

The reason we can smell the dankiness of our weed is that even at room temperature marinuana is emitting molecules outward for us to smell, terpenes and what not. Even with gentle heating we lose all those room temp terpenes and the more we heat the more individual aromas and flavors we lose. So the whole benefit of a cold long extraction is to keep all those essences and flavors in - if we decarb before rhe cold extraction we lose all that beauty and uniqueness. But if we dont, we can only use it in a way it will heat enough to decarb at delivery.

Now im wondering if i decarbed my cold extraction jars, i dont think i did… have to check…

Ive read that VG is safer (as far as supposed popcorn lung and what not) and that PG was added purely for effect, a throat feel they said. So to err on the side of safety as i start, i got a quart of VG off amazon.

Initially i had a bias against PG because i dealt with propylene glycol in the antifreeze form so much in my career, it just sounded dangerous.but the more ive looked into it, vegetable glycerin and glycerol were both used as antifreezes back in the day too.

It doesnt sound like anybody has made their own juice though as far as no nicotine and not made by thinning wax?

Im akready divvying up my upcoming humble yet eagerly awaited harvest, its my second grow and i made some mistakes still, smaller yield than exoected looks like. Ill have some more black widow and skywalker og to throw into the cold extraction jars and basically im trying to forget about them. I was shaking them ten times a day or more but now its once a day maybe. But this way i can be patient for long term.

I have some everclear in the cupboard because i tinker with all kinds of things like alcohol extractions of medicinal mushrooms for health and what not. So i plan to also do a super duper concentrated batch a “proof of concept” run, and heres my plan so far.

I forget exact numbers ill have to reread this thread (hence my details, a convenient place to not lose my notesbor steps as im very unorganized at home right now) but the gist is

I will put 1.5x as much bud as recipe calls for (thi nk it was 14grams, ill do around 20) in a grinder, in the oven for short decarb, then in jar. Cover with everclear.

Ill then combine two methods and ill shake it several times for a day or so then open jar and simmer alcohol jar to reduce volume.

Im not sure when they squeeze out the pulp because you want the heat to accelerate the alcohol extraction AS Well as reducing the alcohol volume down to 5mL or so.

Then ill add 15-20mL of virgin VG ( or actually i could make it even stronger yet by adding some of the VG fron earlier that had an extraction in it already. Hmm…

Anyone have a suggestion? That sounds good, stronger than suggested in every step. Surely illl be happy with this


Just blew my paycheck in the seed shop too, lot of deals going on, cant wait to get that little package in the mail. Oooohhh its going to be a good exciting year! :smile: Happy grows everyone ill check back in when i have some developments, 2-3 weeks maybe


Sounds good and thanks for the update. I’m hoping my grow will be ready by new year’s for harvest. So it’ll be end of Jan before I can test out some methods on my own.

Ps that popcorn lung thing has been debunked a dozen times. Heck me vaping at high power for 6 years now is enough evidence on its own. My last few chest x-ray show the lungs of a non smoker even though I smoked for nearly 20 years. Most the negative vaping articles you find are either using bad science (improper use of devices) or are paid for by big tobacco.


Right on buddy, well i will definjtely have some more results by then. I think more people would be willing to do more things with their grows (extractions,salves,etc) if they knew for sure what worked and what didnt .

Good to know on the popcorn lung. I forgot that i actually enjoy vaping, without nicotene. I bought a vape pen years ago to taper off cigarettes bur i found it easier to just quit cold turkey. I noticed many friends, including the one who got me to vaoe to quit smoking, never tried to stop vaoing entirely or even move to nicotene free juice. I really enjoyed some of the wild fruity flavors and what not.


Glad to learn your xrays tell us that vaping is not a horror story as once reported. I can see big tobacco companies distributing propaganda to retain their fair market share.

I just bought a Kandy “RUBI” liquid vape pen with a couple of extra pods. I am soaking 7 g of decarbed bud right now in Everclear alcohol. I may go ahead and strain off today (been 10 days), then leave the tincture in an open container allowing natural evaporation. Once it condenses, I plan to add the tincture to a mix of VG/PG so maybe 25% will be tincture and 75% will be a VG/PG blend. I figure the liquid will be about the viscosity of pancake syrup to put into the RUBI pen.

The main reason I want to evaporate naturally is I don’t have an electric burner. All of my burners are propane or natural gas in the house meaning that could be a recipe for disaster on an open flame with Everclear.

BTW…I’m kinda running this by you to see if you see any red flags in my plans, TY for your advice!!