Making mud pies (AKA ffof pH test)

So I took some 6.5 water and made mud with Fox Farm Ocean Forest straight out of the bag

I strained it through a coffee filter and check the pH

it was 6.3

I don’t know why people are saying it’s alkaline, I don’t see it

I encourage you to do this casual test and post your findings in this thread


the two times I’ve checked my run off it’s been 6.3-6.4. Considering I’m using just water, I tend to agree with you.

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I use FoxFarm Ocean Forest and my runoff is always 6.4. Whether I use nutrients pH’ed to 6.8 or plain water which is always 7.1 from the tap.

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Same here the few times I did check my runoff with ocean forest it was 6.3 to 6.6

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i use FF Happy Frog, i only checked runoff once and it was 6.5 if i remember correctly, but this was with a feeding


I use fox farms ocean forest,water with bottled water 6.0 ph and 6.5 comes out.

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I’ve just recently gotten a digital pen. I’m going to check the Happy Frog I have my seedlings in. I didn’t have it last grow, but they did fine.

I’m wondering, seeing such similar results, does Fox Farms include some buffering agent?

I believe I will try it with water that has different pH levels…

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keep us posted… I use happy frog… I’d like to know what the outcome is