Making medicinal oil

Just interested in what percentage of plant should go into the solvent, just buds? Leaves as well, stalks??

all ways best to use the best quality -buds first. Many make with “trimming” and save buds for smoking. Can us the whole plant but trimming and leaves will do

I like to use the sugar leaves from triming the bud personally, and save the flowers for smoking. Really any trim that is frosty will work great, why let those thricomes go to waste? :wink:


exactly!! grow enuff to use the best…stalks, no…leaves okay, it’s all a matter of diminishing returns…male plants probably have thc, .00000537% tho…

just don’t waste the frost

I’m a fussy bastard so I grade buds as I cut airy or small buds all end up with my trim anything without crystals goes straight in the waste bin I usually end up with equal weights between oil/food grade and smoke

Does anyone here make their own oil/wax?

Thanks to all above, will post microscope pics soon

not in years but I am saving all my trim until I have enough around to justify the time and effort my partner wants to make butter but then smokes a bowl and motivation goes out the window lmao


I do ktreez420

I use the Rick Simpson method.



What’s the budget thing to do with my leaf ? I closet grow and on my second grow.

Is that the rubbing alcohol method?

I’m not sure what you mean, but I think you’re asking what you should do with left over leaves and trim?

The cheapest, easiest thing to do, in my opinion, is to make butter. Or spend $30-50 for some bubble bags and you can make your own quality hash from your leaves and trim. And lastly, there is a method to make wax only using isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). If you look it up you’ll see hundreds of videos and tutorials on it.

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I use the Rick Simpson Method also. Preparing my second batch now. Only the best of the best of six ounces of Critical Kush being chilled down. Unfortunately it is due to the re-occurrence of a tumor who brought along a friend.

Thanks to the mother of back to back harvests my work load is capable. I also made two pounds of Cannabutter with two ounces of popcorn bud and one pure bud.

A six and a half chunk of Bubble Hash is another bonus.

Also ready to make Shatter, wax or what ever it called besides Butane Extration when weather permits. Besides the obvious combustion aspect, any advice will be appreciated. I want to make sure I’m all set up for post surgery recovery. God willing.


If you are trying to make RSO to ingest you need to read or you tube. The recipe is on his web site It all depends on what your making. I make the oil and have been using it about 2 months. If you are going to ingest to oil you want it strong. I made first batch with Sativa, it was really hard to use. I use just indica now so much better. I could not sleep with the sitiva… I try to use just the bud but if the trim has a lot of tricombs on them I use them to. I make edibles with what ever is left. Next month I will find out if it’s helping my liver, I know it got rid of a sore on back of hand the doc. Froze off and grew back. Just dab a bit of oil on sore cover with bandaid for four days, healed and gone.


Thanks for the info, look forward to seeing how you go with the treatment. I have just found out what strain I am growing, it’s blue berry, I think it’s indica

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I only use the RSO method. Last time I took to much and for 3 days ibwas in la la land…lol
Bit I didn’t feel any pain what so ever I was coherent.
I just didn’t give a dam about anything…lmao
Can’t wait to make more.
Go with tlkbear on this one…how ya do’n there mr. bear ?


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I’m growing blueberry also, I just made 10gr. 2 1/2 oz of skunk. I did not have any more lndica so this ones kind heady
Ps. Hey Will I’m doing better thanks for asking.
PSS I’m in search on someone close to me to maybe trade.
Southern California area

Okay guys, I have dried my plants, I yielded 900gms of bud, I intend making oil with 700 gms, how much oil should I make??
I was going to use 10ml syringes

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this is the best oil to make and is the the best way to make oil.
But what ever you do we wish you the best.

here is the link


Wish I knew where to get the food grade ethanol alcohol. I use the 99.5% isopropyl. If you use a coffee cup warmer and a little cup with the oil in it after you boiled off the solvent and water you added at the end. I keep mine on the warmer till it has no little bubbles. Then u know there is no more isopropyl in it. The isop. Boils at 175 f water at 210f that’s why the water att end. The little heater is about 180f
I just got back my blood work an a ultra sound. Liver is doing good no elevated liver enzymes. Liver is normal size. I forgot when I started taking the oil, I think it was December last year. So I’m feeling better also. Rick Simpson oil does help.i have done about 40 grams of RSO. I hope it works for you.