Making live resin with butane


Hi just wondering do you need to vacumm the dab or is ther other ways round it thanks


@Donaldj @Hogmaster would be the guys i asked @Lukey91


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971


if you are using butane to extract a vac works best but heat works too difference is quality heat can easily burn your extract where warmth and a vac will pull butane out at far cooler temps 90-100f not risking adding burnt taste or degrading THC. Heat can be used but have to stay below 190f close but under to get all butane to gas out of product


Thanks @Donaldj is this a better way than pressing with heat witch would you recommend for best yield


Very expensive press and I’ve had great luck with my Rozeneer Regardless you’ll get about the same yield


This is something I need to look More into. I would love to be able to make my own dabs and use a vaporizer


Hogmaster the press are not bad priced but I know you pay for what you get these days might try the butane option first see what it’s like thanks for the replies guys


both methods have their plus and minus’s a press leaves behind some so spent buds can be reused for oil butter what have you, BHO strips everything but requires refining to remove residual butane and can be cheap to get started if you don’t mind wasting lots of butane :wink: In turn rossin can be made with a hair straightener and parchment paper to test.
Keep in mind it is about how much you wish to produce in return and a closed loop extractor or rosin press are not cheap in short term but if running lots you get investment back in savings