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First summer growing outdoors and one of the autoflowers I grew was an Amnesia Haze that Fox-tailed on me. It kept going and going long after I harvested companions. I didn’t know what to expect, well now I know.

I cleaned the plant two nights ago and got 85 grams of dried bud, and seeds :flushed:. Found about 75 seeds when cleaning and there could easily be more. What to do…

Well, I’ve been wanting to do a SOG, so I threw 24 seeds in a cup of water and peroxide. 36 hours later 21 of 24 have germinated so I potted them up. I have room in my 3x3 tent to crowd in about 18 one gallon pots so I’ll take the strongest and discard the rest.

So what to do with 85 grams of dried bud with seeds in them? I’m not likely to smoke it, but what about edibles? What do you edible users think, is it ok to use bud with seeds? Will the seeds ruin the flavor?

Hash. Dry ice hash

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I’ll look into that, thanks

You could get a BHO extractor. Extract the flower, and either keep the seeds, or toss them. They’ll grow after being exposed and bathed in butane.

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I just happen to be getting a shipment of fish today, packed in dry ice. I think dry ice hash might be worth a try.


It’s definitely a great option.
If the flower is wet, just let it sit with the ice for about 15 minutes, it should be frozen quickly.

When it works out it works out.

20 days since the germinated seeds placed in soil.

5 days since the were repotted from 1 quart pots to 1 gallon pots and smallest seedlings discarded.

9 of 19 remaining Amnesia Haze autoflowers have begun to flower. Guess this will be a fast grow, just what you need for a SOG, even though none are more then ten inches tall.

I used free samples of Azos (fungus) and Mykos (bacteria) on the roots when repotting 1/2 of these autoflowers, divided roughly on left and right sides of tent. Care to speculate which 10 were treated and which 9 were not? This should be a good test to see if that stuff works.

So far… the right side seems to be doing slightly better, the side without the Azos and Mykos although 5 days since applying might not be enough time to tell.

Additional SOG details

Lights: Kind K3, 280 actual watt LED on a 6/2 light schedule that a forum member recommended to minimize swings in temperature and humidity. Seems to work well. Will supplement with 2 HLG 60 watt supplemental bars.

Nutrients: in the previous 20 days they received water only. Started them on AutoPot tonight using Ionic Grow in the reservoir.

Soil: Started in 1 quart pots filled 3/4 with Ocean Forest and topped off with Fox Farms Light Warrior seed starter. Soil thoroughly watered, germinated seeds placed in pot about 1/4-3/8 inch deep. 100% success rate 23 of 23 seeds. Repotted to 1 gallon pots after 15 days. Bottom 1/4 course perlite, rest Fox Farms Coco Loco and soil from original pot. The Perlite on the bottom is a requirement of using an AutoPot to eliminate root rot since it is a bottom feeding system.

Temperature and humidity: temps in the growing room are normally in the 60’s and lower come winter. Wanted to keep temperatures from large swing so I’m on a 6/2 light schedule so lights are off only 2 of every 8 hours. Humidity is the same I’m living in, if it’s good enough for me…

Why not remove the seeds, then grind the buds for edibles? The seed have nutritional value, so use them another way. Maybe they’d add crunch to medicinal chocolates?