Making lactobacillus serum

In This Thread we are going to have a decision on the making of LACTOBACILLUS SERUM and what it will do for your plants.
So please stay on topic.

                               ON MONDAY 02/14/19

Here is the formula

You’ll need:

1.) Mason Jars

2.) White Organic Rice

3.) One Gal Of Milk

4.) One 5 Gal Bucket

5.) A Strainer

6.) The Lid Yo The Bucket

7.) Two jars of Molasses or 18 0z

8.) Very fine strain cloth say 180 I’ll be using what painters use to
strain their paint with.


here is a pdf file of the scientific paper on LACTOBACILLUS and Plant Growth, it makes for fascinating reading.


Great read man. Thanks for posting this.


So you can do this ontop of your regular nut plan?

Your welcome. I’m making two batches as we speak



Do you use Bokashi in your soil mix? I’ve just started using it in mine the end of last year.

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No, I have never heard of it before now. But I did look it up and seems to be good stuff to usel Let me know how it works out for you ok ?

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Will partial freezing affect it’s viability?