Making it work in one 3x3 new additions

Couldn’t get a new tent in time. Three ready to go hopefully this weekend and 6 new additions. Not what my plan was but making it work.


I’m gonna tag along. If you don’t mind.

No problem.

Those big girls in the back look delicious!

They are all Northern Lights Autos. I have new Boss Hogg autos and a chocolate skunk in the 3 gallon new pots and the solo cups are feminizes Blueberry photos. Should be fun.

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Here they are 1 week from seed. Blueberry photos in the solo cups the others are Boss Hogg Autos. Going to pull at least one of the big girls Saturday the others need a little more time.

One out and two to go. New ones making progress. Can get more light now with the other one drying.

Everyone is transplanted and happy. One more stubborn girl to take out. Not a bad problem to have.