Making it with what you got!

So my question to you is when did you start doing this?

My first indoor grow was back in 1988. I’ve grown off and on since, though there were a lot of years that I couldn’t smoke. I fired up the grow effort again and been growing indoors continuously for 2 years now.


I started growing in either 84 or 85 i can’t remember 4sure the 80s were a little blurry. Of course there are some gaps. I started indoors next month will be 3 years. It was hard for me to get into this online stuff, hiding everything for so long gave me a paranoia thing that was difficult to overcome. I honestly thought these forums were full of feds looking for busts it’s definitely a different world we live in, it wasn’t very long ago that weed was "the gateway drug"


Probably part of the reason that the site forbids the exchange of personal information. The Feds probably aren’t going to go to the effort, but some overzealous localities might.


I’ve seen them pop in and try to entrap folks on other forums. Usually looking to buy large amounts and on the first post.
Here I’ve never seen any examples of that.
The trolls are removed pretty quickly too.


I’ve never been interested in selling my product. If I have a surplus I give it away to one of the few people who do know I grow to give to their friends. Aside from you all, no one but a couple a family members and one person who has been a friend for 50 years know that I grow, and none of you know who I am. The anonymity of the site is great.


I’ve been growing for 2 years. Just chopped my fourth grow yesterday.


So my question is… I hate sprouting seeds because, omg the anxiety. Ok is there a method that I can actually Sprout and see the seed grow safely

Brother sounds like my experience in the 80s. I asked the first question because I wanted to find somebody with some experience are you an indoor or outdoor guy now?

Holy crap is that ever scary brother. I’m just somebody trying to grow for my own Supply. I ain’t trying to sell s***

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@Brimley70 I quoted myself so I didn’t have to type it again

I talked to you a week or so ago. Do you remember me? Are you interested in seeing how things are going this is my very first hydro grow. I built the system from scratch with everything in brand new including to AC Infinity T6 Duct Fan with humidity and heat controlling. So everything hooked up but question is is it producing

Also do you have any pics or videos that may be helpful that you have made yourself

I like watching and reading other people’s grow stuff I have learned alot doing it so I’ll follow along

I just started this forum stuff like 6 months or so back I was reading it for a while before but was always to scared I thought half the people on here were cops lol. I did start a diary kinda journal that is just a tell all. I’ll tag you in over there.

Thanks brother

Well we try don’t we. Do you grow indoors always, if so, do you use Hydroponics or soil coco or what. Also am I doing okay here’s a pic