Making to?

The only time I use liquid to process weed is to make a concentrate with ethanol.


I take ALL my trim and freeze it. I freeze it because after trimming I don’t want to do anything with weed except smoke it.

When the urge hits I’ll take my frozen trim and run it through bubble bags. I use ice from my freezer and a paint mixer attached to my cordless drill. I’ll run it all twice.


Decided to make some dry sift from some popcorn buds and trim mixed.Froze a couple days,then screened it with my trim table,got this much kief in 15 minutes from stuff I would ordinarily make tinctures out of.

Looks like a couple grams,maybe a bit less.


My freezer is full of food…

@Weedlover1 is that from just using your trim tray?

Ran 20 grams of some good sugar leaves over my 150 micron trim tray screen.
Considering the size of the screen, It came out pretty clean. 1.8g
Trying to figure out if I want a set of screens or not.

@MidwestGuy do you leave it as loose kief, compact it or actually roll it into hash?

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I have a compacter that makes pucks.


Ya,I just used my trim table screen,rubbing the material back and forth and falling into the tray underneath. I usually sprinkle it on a pipeload, but I may start pressing some into hash.

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