Making to?

so i recently scored a working second hand camping washing mashine for pennies, in the hopes to make some bubble hash in the future because if i keep growing at that pace i will soon have storing problems…

couple of questions…

what mesh sizes do i need?

what is the diffrence in procedure using dry ice? what are the advantages of dry ice, what are the cons…

I use a 120 micrometer mesh for my dry ice hash. I’ve done both wet methods and dry ice. I prefer dry ice, as it creates less of a mess. There are some good YouTube videos on the process out there.

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220,120,73,25, plus wash bag and dry screen.

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dry ice is like 4 times as expensive as ice… i didnt do the math but 1g of dry ice hash seems expensive…
can you store it in the freezer?

No, it won’t store in the freezer. A pound or 2 of dry ice will gas off in about 24 hours in the freezer.

I usually spend $13 for a pound or 2 of dry ice for a 1/4 pound of weed. It doesn’t seem all that expensive to me.

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what form do you get them in… i guess pellets… small or big?

My understanding is dry ice only makes 60% vs bubble 80%, so I don’t quite understand the advantage?
I bought the bbd kit with the machine and 8 bags for $150 (love it!) Simple and not messy at all.

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Probably depends on the supplier. I get chunks of it that are about the size of a dinner plate and an inch or 2 thick.

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I grow more weed than I could ever possibly smoke or give away. I’m fine with 60% if that is the case, though I’m not sure what the 60% means. Trichomes are a small percentage of the overall mass of flower, and trichomes are what you are trying to separate from the flower. True yield, if measured by weight, is more along the lines of 10% regardless of which method is used.


yeah the ones im checking out have all sorts of shapes…

when, after harvest, do you do the hash?

Quickly. I will usually harvest and put the trimmed, wet flower in gallon baggies. I put those baggies in the freezer for 24 hours and then make the hash. Some people dry and cure first. I never have.

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how do you decide what you going to smoke as buds and what becomes hash?

I don’t really divide it up and make a choice. I only make sure that I have enough flower to smoke until the next harvest. The rest gets given away or made into hash.

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Alot of people just use the trim for hash, I’ve done both. Use ALL parts of the buffalo LOL!


Hash is great. It has a distinctive flavor and it kicks. lol.

I usually just break off a chunk, cut it into small pieces, and sprinkle that on a bowl of flower.

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I’ve done it with sugar leaves, but for me it was more work than it was worth. But yeah, the leaves (esp. the sugar leaves) have plenty of trichs on them.


60% and 80% reference is purity


Ahhh… I get it now.

I’ve always managed purity by not shaking too hard such that I get plant material going through the sieve.

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oh i see.

for now i will propably grow my stash and trim until i run out of space.