Making gummies - first timer

Hey everyone. This is my second year here, and my recent harvest is so much nicer than my first one last year, with beautiful, seed-free buds and milky white trichomes.

I would like to make simple gummies from the harvest, but still have a few questions I hope some of you can help with.

  1. Right now, everything is drying. Do I need to cure the dried plant matter as well if I’m making edibles? If so, for how long? Do I need to trim the sugar leaves?

  2. I was planning to use coconut/MCT oil to make the extract. Do I need to first decarboxylate the dried weed, or can “cooking” it at low heat directly in the oil accomplish the same task? If I do need to separately decarboxylate, is it better to use the over method (my oven is not the best), boil-in bags, or my Instant Pot set to low?

  3. Rather than use an eye dropper and molds for the gummies, one person recommended just pouring the final gelatin- and lecithin-infused liquid into a glass baking dish, then using a sharp knife to cut into pieces. Is this a good method? Will the gummies stick to the glass? Should I spray first with oil?

Thanks, everyone, for your insights!

Pics: the buds about a week or so before harvest (outdoor grow in the Bay Area), the colas with their buds, and the harvested plants drying.


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#1 no but you will have to decarb it in your oven, use your oven it’s your best bet due to surface area lay it all out on baking sheets and parchment paper break it up. But no need to grind it although I ground it by hand when I did it because I’m OCD like that.

#2 I would suggest against coconut oil due to its extremely high saturated fat content.
Some Avacado oil with a bit of sunflower lectlin will work great and not cause issues with your vascular system (sorry healthcare professional here, eat healthy, live longer, lower healthcare costs)

#3 I would use molds rather then a glass dish, that way when you eat the head of a gimmie bear or the corner on one start (start small first!!!) you can learn your dosage. Free cutting shapes will be a total shot in the dark/roll of the dice.
Each batch will be a different potency so I would suggest making the biggest batch you can.

Use a cheese cloth to strain it and don’t squeeze the cheese cloth!! Not even at the end!


Have look on YouTube at the vibe tribe they have a gummy bear recipe on there check them out

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How to make The BEST Cannabis infused Gummy bears - YouTube check them out i hope this helps u out


You can start here and let me know if you need help.


Get some of these fine point squeeze bottles, sorry I couldn’t find a better picture in my camera roll, but these make filling the molds easy and fast, everything else makes a mess and you end up scrapping it off the counter and eating it otherwise you have a lot of waste. Definitely dry, cure and decarb your buds. The soy lecithin is a must if you want to make gummies or the oil won’t infuse. Add some flavored extracts to give it more flavor, and if you make a sugar and citric acid mix to coat them after the gummies dry they won’t stick together. There’s a lady on YouTube, I think it’s Diamond delight edibles, her video got me going on gummies last year, think I’ve made over 3000 gummies so far, trust me on the squeeze bottles, they’re a game changer!


We use a graduated Syringes, 60ml, 120ml, 300ml etc so we can best approximate the dosage by volume and as stated Above^^^^^ game changer in Mess (OCD-retent here),makes life easy in filling the molds fast.


Yep, gotta work quickly when making gummies, like super fast.
If you’re using silicone molds they pop right out, the first time I made them I used Pam spray but it leaves a residue on the gummies. They’ll stick to everything in the kitchen including you but the silicone is great

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After removing from the molds, dust with citric acid. Non stick and adds a tart bite to them.


Mix it with a hit of. Sugar and it’s sour candies!


Thanks, Nicky. You definitely sound down on coconut oil (even MCT oil?); will the quantities involved (a small gummy at a time) be enough to exceed my RDA of saturated fat? I normally use avocado oil (or light olive oil) for cooking, but it is quite a bit pricier…

Point well taken re: molds.

Thank you again for your input!

Thanks! I’ve order a couple of those bottles. I hope to make my first batch later this week!

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Mtc would be a better option. A small gummy is fine it’s the added value of saturated fat that can add up over years.
The #1 death of north Americans is heart disease, so reducing that risk is worth it in my mind.

Try a bulk store for Avacado oil. I got a restaurant supply store I think coctco sells big bottles to.

The mass majority of olive oil is fake, its very very hard to find real olive oil.