Making feminized seeds

So I understand that one method of making fem. seeds is to force herm. a female and breed with another female. Is it possible to force herm. a female and let it pollinate itself to create the fem. seeds? Does this increase the risk of genetic disorders or future herm. plants from these seeds?

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If you force herm there’s good chance you will get herm seeds

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@Hogmaster can give you some advice, he actually crossed a Sour Diesel and White Widow!


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when we want to make seeds, we force herm a single branch of a “mother plant” and the seeds give us the same strain as the mother. We use colloidal silver spray. All kinds of info on the internet about it. Just don’t let the spray hit any other branches. Haven’t seen any genetic disorders. Been doing this for three years now.


I’ve read a lot about how it’s done. Recently though I read an article about how feminized seeds have a higher risk of being herm. because of the way they’re created. I’m considering trying to make my own seeds so I just wanted to know if there is any truth behind this or if it’s even worth it for a small grower.

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It is more likely to give hermi seeds if the plant was a fem seed…
If you start out with reg seeds and have a female plant and force that plant to give you seeds then you end up with fem seeds… :wink:

Lot more info on this issue… :wink:

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That must be just sick…in a really good way :yum:

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It’s a hole new ball game if you want to find out more information on how to do so get in contact with @latewood and it would have to be discussed before the information is provided :zipper_mouth_face: :+1:t2:

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