Making feminized auto seeds

I’m not feminizing autos, just photos right now. I’m in week 2 of silver application.

I’ve made plenty of regular seeds though:


Well its July 23, not even Christmas in July yet and I’m due to stop spraying on the 25 and heres what I found! BALLS LOTS AND LOTS OF BALLS!!! Now the question should I keep spraying or just leave her be @AAA! 20190723_174215%5B1%5D|281x500

Good question. I would probably spray for another week, that’s what my gut says at least.

@Vexer knows!

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@AAA I made some reg seeds from a photo for my first seed grow, no one told not to pollinate the whole plant so I have 1046 mystery bag seeds all hand sorted and counted for just the hard seeds and I only lost count about 5 times lol so I had to restart the count. I now do groups of 10 till I get to 100!

Chit, I weigh mine!

@AAA Nice so do I now!!

Keep spraying, it should look like this when you stop. It’s weird because those sacs are pretty developed, but there should be tons of them not just two. What colloidal silver are you using?

@Vexer There are lots of them on the plant and on every bud sight. I use homemade CS.
my process uses this distilled water and two .9999 silver coins from the Canadian mint. in a 1L mason jar I have a variable power supply (voltage and amperage) I set my voltage to 9 volts and my amperage is limited to 0.1 Amp. I let this work for 10-15 hours.

If you have a bunch of them then go ahead and stop. Because the ones in the picture looks very mature. If you did it over the whole plant then you should get plenty of pollen to do what you want to do. Once the sacs show up they will continue to mature

@Vexer I would say there’s about 25 or more I was getting a little worried because this is my first auto plant in my life so I have no idea how long they veg for at least with photos you know when your switching to 12/12 but this has been a guessing game from the start cause I’ve never even grown an auto to bud so I had no clue how long each stage lasted.
how do you harvest your pollen? I usually wait till the sacs open and tap the branch with a small mason jar under the sacs then drop in a a silica gel pack and use what I need and then seal and store in the freezer. I read some people cut open the sacs but I’m not sure on that one.

I don’t do autos because I’ll decide when my plants flower. I do pretty much the same as far as pollen collection goes, but I use a black cutting board that helps me see the pollen. I have it set up so I can use pollen as soon as it is harvested.

the black board underneath is a great idea I have news paper under my plant but its very hard to see any pollen that has dropped. I think I’ll be heading to a dollar store tomorrow and buying a black Bristol board! Thanks for that Idea @Vexer

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I put a small cup under the sacs and cut them off and let them fall in the cup.


This is my pollen kit in a nut shell (mason jar)!!
My wife works in a women’s clothing store so I can get all the silica packs I need.
A Q-tip fits perfectly in the mason jar, I use what I need then seal, label and freeze.
I find it handy to have pollen readily available if you find a good strain and want to cross it with another.

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Next time I do pollen collection I will definitely use a jar instead of losing all my pollen to mold in a plastic bag. I have the bag popped open and then it folded over on itself.

yes and if you go to a shoe store or clothing store that displays shoes they usually throw out the silica packs by the hundreds, I’m sure if you ask them to save you some they will.
Just drop 1 in the jar and it will absorb any moisture and no moisture means no mold.
they say you can then store it in the freezer for years, the only precaution is when you take it out of the freezer do not open the jar for several hours until the jar is room temp or the glass will condensate the moisture in the air and the pollen will get wet and be ruined.

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@Vexer @AAA do either of you use nutrients during or after the C/S application?
I never have but often wonder if it would be beneficial to aid the plant in making pollen!

I try to think of male flowers like the female flowers. Of course if you give a plant nutrients during flower it will thrive compared to no nutes. I have used colloidal silver with nutes, without nutes, and in super soil without nutes. All that really matters is that the plant is flowering and everything else is just the additive.


yep, as long as the plant is healthy, the pollen will be!

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Nice so I can save money on nutes, while I’m saving money making seeds, but somehow the bank account keeps dropping,

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