Making feminized auto seeds

Hey all I’m new to the group and I’m wondering if anyone has successfully converted a female auto flower with colloidal silver that they made themselves to produce feminized pollen!
I have done it once with a photo plant but did not get pollen from the sacs although it is still alive I think there are new sacs forming on it so I’m waiting.
In the mean time I started spraying a Super OG on July 5 and will stop spraying it on July 25 (I read you spray them for 20 days please correct if that’s wrong) this is how it looks but I don’t know if it’s right. I see lots of posts and youtube videos but they all seem vague


There are people that do it but I’m drawing a blank as to who. One thing you may need to do is collect pollen and then use it on another plant. Plants need to be pollinated early enough for the seeds to form and mature.

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@vexer is the one I know of


I’m here to help. As far as feminizing autos I have no clue because I only grow photos. So here is some info:

  1. Have laser tested colloidal silver of 30-50ppm

  2. Start spraying new growth on the cola(s) in which you want to produce feminized pollen (2 days before flip is preferred)

  3. Spray them twice a day if you can

  4. continue spraying for 3 weeks (@ob you were correct)

  5. HERE IS A BREAKDOWN: week 1 pistils should receed. End of week 2 you should see sacs barely forming. By the end of week 3 you should have obvious pollen sacs developed. Stop spraying.

  6. pollen can show up anytime in the next 2-3 weeks, that is the time it takes for pollen to be produced.

  7. collect pollen and pollinate a female plant in flower with a full top of pistils or you can pollinate the same plant with the pollen collected. All plant material other than pollen or seeds on a plant sprayed with colloidal silver MUST BE DISCARDED!

  8. seeds take 3-4 weeks to be created. Let the buds go as long as you can and do not remove any seeds until after the drying process.

  9. wait 30 days for new seeds to dry out before trying to germinate. Trust me on that one!

  10. any other questions?


Thanks for the informative answer:
So I should be spraying when the colas are about the size of a dime?
I started spraying before the colas came out but they seemed to come out stunted soon after I started spraying but they are autos so I would think I need all the time I can get.
as for my colloidal silver I make my own from Walmart distilled water which shows no laser light in it until after I have completed the process.
my process uses this distilled water and two .9999 silver coins from the Canadian mint. in a 1L mason jar I have a variable power supply (voltage and amperage) I set my voltage to 9 volts and my amperage is limited to 0.1 Amp. I let this work for 10-15 hours. I get a good solid beam but other than that I have no way of knowing the ppm.
I also spray plant 3 times a day.
Does all this sound right?

You should start colloidal silver 2 days before you flip to 12/12.

You spray the new growth that will one day be a cola. There are no colas when you start spraying.

Plants can be sprayed up to 3 times per day but I only do it once or twice a day.

Knowing the strength of your colloidal silver is pretty important. At the same time you will know in under 2 weeks if it is working or not so it’s not that big of a deal. I buy my 50ppm CS for like $20 on Amazon because I have zero desire in making it myself.
Liquid Silver Solution, 16 Oz., 50 PPM, Silver Mountain Minerals, (Medical Purity Silver, most Bioavailable colloidally suspended nano particles).

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Thanks, so I started spraying mine just after a month old (Auto flower) because 12/12 means nothing to them. do yours look like the ones in my pics, kind of sick and stunted?

Not sure about autos. I’ve heard you can’t clone autos, but I have never heard of making feminized seeds with an auto. Most take a specific strain and cross it with a ruderalis plant to make autos from my knowledge which is minimal. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work since it makes flowers, but I just don’t know much about autos in general. That might be a question for @garrigan62 to answer.

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you can clone an auto but there is no point unlike a photo you can clone it and leave the clone in veg until you want it to flower (maybe 4 months). with an auto if it has a life span of 4 months and you pull a clone off at 1 month and it takes 2 weeks to root your clone is now a month and a half old, leaving it 2 and a half months to grow and flower. if the auto strain starts to flower at 6 weeks then that is what your clone will do so all you would do is have a very small bud (maybe) on your auto clone and lessen the yield on the mother auto because she would need to recuperate from the stress you caused cutting off the clone and she only has the 4 months to work in. That’s pretty much it in a nut shell. I’ve done this so I’m speaking from experience now I’m moving on to trying to make feminized auto seeds. so far in my auto flower experimenting it’s Plants 1 OB 0 so if I make feminized we’ll be tied and I could live with that.
Your time and knowledge are greatly appreciated hopefully @garrigan62 will have some insight on this matter. the funny thing about this is my wife has her medical card and I don’t even partake but somehow I’m becoming obsessed with the science behind growing.


That’s good stuff brother! Made me chuckle a few times.


I think @AAA is working on something like that, too.

I would love to hear what @AAA has to say if there was any success !

@ob what are we talking about specifically? Sorry, lost my way!!!

Haven’t tried it yet, but couldn’t you grow 2 plants about 4 weeks apart (what ever the average time for that strain is from seedling to pre flower) and start the colloidal silver spray routine only on the first plant just as its starting to flower…or just before.
When the second plant is starting to pre flower the first plant should be making pollen sacks and dropping pollen.
Take pollen from first plant and pollinate second plant that is starting to flower.
Not sure if I have the timing exactly right, but I will be trying this once I get some CS. :stuck_out_tongue:

@AAA Just wondering if you have had success in making feminized auto flower seeds? and if my plant in the pics above look like I’m on the right track? also if you do make feminized seeds with CS do you buy it or make your own?

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Yes @T0Y this is what I am trying now, I am spraying a Super OG Auto flower with homemade CS and if it makes female pollen I will pollinate a Jack Herer Auto that was started about a month and a half after the Super OG. these will be my first auto flower feminized seeds if it works.
originally I was going to make Super OG auto feminized but I only had 2 seeds and the second was a dud so now I’m making Super Jacks! lol

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@ob this is my first attempt. Making feminized seeds on autos is the exact same as photos but as mentioned above, timing is your issue.

Can you get the pollen mature in time to impregnate the plant and get the seeds to finish? That’s the rub

Someone above suggested 2 autos, the one started second can receive the pollen from the older one.

@AAA I am working with two auto flower plants the one I am spraying is a Super OG auto and because my second seed was a dud I will be pollinating a Jack Herer auto that was started about a month and a half after the Super OG. Do you make your own CS or do you buy it?

Should work then.

I buy it.

@AAA how fa r along are you in trying to make feminized autos?