Making females seeds with a triploid!?

If I make female seeds with colloidal silver on a triploid, will the seeds be female triploids or is that like a one-time genetic mutation thing…?


They should carry the multiple genetics over and all plants will be feminized.


do it!!! maybe you’ll get a quad

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It’s definitely happening!!!

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Great! So I could breed it as well and make some female triploid crosses! I think I will backcross it first! It is Grape Ape x Strawanna!

Did not know what a triploid was till I read your post then googled. So what you want to do is take a plant bred to not produce seeds and make it produce seeds. Read below copied from google.

Uses of Triploids

(Triploid plants bear flowers, but these flowers cannot be fertilized, because the odd numbers of chromosomes are unable to pair up properly. The plant can still be pollinated and will still bear fruit, but because no fertilization occurred, the fruit will not have seeds. When you purchase a seedless watermelon, you are purchasing the fruit of a triploid plant. Other triploid agricultural crops include bananas, Gravenstein apples and some grains.)

So I’m going to say I don’t think this is possible. But like I said I did not know what it was untill I took an hour to read about it after reading your post.



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