Making Coffee Cream

I am going to attempt making a coffee cream ( i really love my coffee) Tell me if this looks correct for dosing and the amount of THC per ML of Cream

7g cannabis at 20% THC =1400 mg of Thc
16 oz = 453.592 ml
The Creamer would have 3.08 mg thc per ML for a dose of 15 mg per tablespoon
I think the math is correct on this

HAHA this is the only time i wish the USA would convert to the metric system.

Has anyone else made liquid edibles and know a formula for figuring out the thc content.


Hi @Rayofsunshine, I make all kinds of things, but honestly, getting the dosage just right is trial and error with me. I can tell you that your recipe is almost exact to what I would normally use, 7-9 grams per 16 oz sounds about right.


I am very very interested in this as well I am watching this one
Good thread start man!!

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@Ragnar maybe?

Hey guys I just jumped in after long time, I am busy, very busy since the new year its very hectic…
I be back fully in a few…
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To get the dosage right is the biggest obstacle in making tinctures and other product, I am at the point that I am going to need a lab to test stuff…
No bud id the same, even on one single plant…
I am fooling with thc- cbd ratios…it is a nightmare :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Just curious on how you plan to make this… (ie) the method you will use… :wink:
I don’t drink coffee anymore , but my wife dose and she loves cannabis… lol

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@peachfuzz When you start to cook using Cannabis you can find almost anything you want to make. In baking you use Canna Butter to replace the regular butter in say brownies. In cooking say coffee cream you just use your decarboxylated weed straight into the cream or whole milk.

I don’t buy a lot of Gadgets but being i really like coffee i would be buying this to make my creamer. It heats up the cream and blends it also in the machine. It also has a hemp bag not sure what the micron is to strain the cream when its finished.

If you dont want the gadget you could simmer on the stove for 40 minutes and stain your cream after.

Here are link for the recipe


So i did some more research and it breaks down like this When you go to the dispensary all the weed has been lab test at least in my area

So take 1g=1000mg
Strain is 15% thc
So 15% of 1000mg = 150 mg of thc in your edible

The Recommend dose for medical patient with low tolerance is 10mg of thc
I typically will take 25mg myself and it works very well for me. If you have a stronger strain you will get alot more thc in your butter or oil or tincture, hope learning how to calculate the thc in edible helps you make the correct dose for your meds :slight_smile:

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