Making Clogged Carts Smokable Again

I took a liking to carts after picking up a few carts in a legal state I was in a few months ago. The carts are great, inexpensive for what you get, and can last months if you don’t smoke a lot.

The downsides? Commercial carts tend to clog long before the product is all consumed. I used a heat gun (much like a hair dryer, but hotter) and heated up the carts for 60 seconds. A completely clogged cart will smoke again if you use heat to liquefy the solidified resin that is causing the cart to clog up.


I have the same issue my friend but I use a toothpick to clean it out. Stick it down the mouthpiece and twist it. It usually pulls mine out and is good for a couple of days @MidwestGuy


Good idea…just can’t get too hot and cook the THC


Why i dont like distilled carts, they are never thin enough.
I make my own with my BHO and use PG to thin it down and rarely have one clog up. Leaking is the issue i have sometimes but i think its more the cheap carts then the oil :sweat_smile: