Making CCO (Concentrated Cannabis Oil) at home


@hornhead. I’m surprised you’re still getting plant matter. When you filter it are you going into a glass container so you can see it? Mine goes through the un-bleached coffee filter that I put in a funnel and it comes out a very light green but clean (with no plant matter). Are you freezing everything before doing the rinse? I freeze the flower (after I put it through the food processor), the alcohol and the container I’m mixing it in.

For vape juice I use either Farm to Vape or Wax Liquidizer brands with a ratio of 1ml of CCO to 2 ml of vape liquid.


I have a question about freezing your herb before processing. I did almost the exact same process as you but i have a distiller and a magnetic hot plate stirrer. I used everclear to. I followed a video i posted here my mom has liver cancer and terminal. But since making this and she has been taking cbd oil to. The aggressive spots have stopped growing and started to shrink a little now and the cancer doctors are asking all kinds of questions. Sorry I got off point but dose freezing help make more oil ? The book i got my information from is The Medical Cannabis Guide Book by Jeff Ditchfield. I washed my ground up weed on my magnetic stirrer with everclear for 25 minutes strain it through a coffee filter set out in sun for 1 hour to help evaporate the chloroform it went from a green color to a dark honey color and cooked about the same way as you. I got a 30 day supply in Colorado which is 10 little syringes cost me $850.00 but I can’t afford that for 3 months to fight cancer. I know i rambled on here and hope to learn more about this because it is working on my mom’s liver cancer thanks for your time.


Hi @ThcinKC. Anytime you have a question feel free to give a shout out. It may take me a day to answer depending on when you post but I try to check in daily. This time of year is just busy. I’m glad to hear cannabis is helping. It is crazy expensive though which is why I started growing. It’s so maddening that the gov’t and big Pharma have such a strangle hold on something that can help so many.

Anyway, with the quick wash the 24 hour freezing of the cannabis, the Everclear and the container your stirring in is to help remove the trichomes easier. The theory being that the trichomes are stiff and brittle when frozen so release easier when agitated giving you more product (in theory).

I’m curious on the need to put it in the sun. I always thought direct sunlight wasn’t good for cannabis. If you were cooking with it and were afraid of the chlorophyll altering the taste of what you are making I could see. But in this case your mom isn’t really tasting it is she? Seems like it may be an extra step that may cause some degradation to your cannabis that you don’t really want.


I could post his video here if that is okay with you he explains the step for using the sun but he also says it’s up to you if you do it to. I’m going to try freezing next time.


!!!“This is not a guide”!!!

Look at you grow :smiley: Making RSO already! I am very impressed indeed.

I’m a bit lazier though and like things a lot more automated. I use magical butter machine and run two cycles on that for it to infused into pure isopropyl alcohol “not the cheap nasty chemical filled poison” Gallon and a half cost about for me $90. 99.9%.

If people want to remove the green or nasty taste as in helps the remove it a bit can place into clear glass bottle with the top on and place outside for a few hours and the sun will react with it and it will no longer be green. Got a few methods out there but that usually the one I use.

Next for me is a distiller to recover at least 80%-90% of the alcohol. “since i make large batches for cancer patients and recreational purposes.” Pays itself off in the first two runs. Pouring it out of the distiller onto a small stone blasted pot. “stoneware heat up slower and retains a lot of heat.” I do use a hotplate and fan on very low setting just enough so it lightly simmers and the alcohol can evaporate or what left.

At which point when it really thickening up and the flow is like syrup i add in a few drops of water. "the alcohol has a lower boiling point than water does and you want all of the alcohol out of the RSO. This is really important to keep an eye on it as it the real turning point in making that RSO or ruining it. “by overheating the RSO.”

With 99.9% alcohol has a safer method that does exist without the need to use heat. “Decarb the herb though since no heat is used.” Low container or cooking tray so it has some surface area not too big. Fan next to it running over it and this is evaporate the alcohol in a day or overnight into RSO. In which case the container or tray has to be heated up to work with since it is basically the consistency of grease when at room temperature so has to be heated up to a liquid state to move into syringes/pills or where you want to store it.

!!!“This is not a guide”!!!

I have left out about 2/3 of the details that required to make it perfectly intentionally. Mainly because people that already know how to make RSO can fill in the blanks in their head and appreciate the slight differences in method I took. Anyone looking to make RSO please do many days of research before attempting to do so.

But yes you don’t need magical butter machine, you don’t need a distiller, you don’t even need to use 99.9% alcohol. I do so because i want maximum return.

@AnneBonny you doing good. I need to catch up on some reading on what the other folks be doing and I may actually make an in-depth guide on a few things but you seem to have things worked out pretty well for yourself though!

Demand for quality RSO is always high for it medical benefits and the only strains people should be using is heavy indica with high THC. I don’t think it can be called RSO if people don’t follow his methods in producing RSO and Rick Simpson have said it from the start indica is best for fighting cancer as it allows the body to rest and THC for fighting the cancer. 60 grams for a full cycle of this is needed for a full treatment and up to 180 grams in some cases where radiation and chemo is used or in severe situations. It is not cheap :slightly_frowning_face:

Takes about half a pound of high quality flower to make an ounce of RSO. A pound of flower in essence should get you at least 60 grams or close to that maybe over if it really good quality. In cases when a patient may need 180 grams for a full treatment that process of making it and time plus cost of 3 pounds of flower can be high. But if it has the chance to possibly cure a loved one from cancer and in most cases give a bit more time and make things easier. I don’t think that can be measured in dollars.

Knowledge on how to grow and making the RSO yourself is the most surefire way and most economical.


I’m using a 1 to 1 ratio of thc to cbd to fight my mom’s liver cancer and I’m winning at first i was using critical mass and white widow but still supplement with cbd oil to. I use everclear and get just a little over 2 tsp out of 120 grams of flower.


I hope you are having success in her treatment and good luck to you. Hoping for her in a speedy recovery.

I have a friend with terminal lung cancer trying out a number of treatments so far and doctors told him he had a year to live now that changed to 14 months. So far his cancer in his lung has reduced by about 50%. I cannot really take credit for it as I have only given him about 4-5 grams of RSO as he has other sources ect.

The thing is his Dr has said people in his condition doesn’t really have that much of a reduction that quickly. Whatever his doing hopefully keep on going. If I could afford to give him free RSO i would… I maybe in a better position to do so towards the end of the year.

@ThcinKC Are you using 95% everclear? You are still within pretty good extraction levels though. 9-10 grams of RSO from 120 grams of bud. I pulled about 10 grams using 90 grams of flowers. But use heat and it largely automated running it two cycles over 16 hours.


I got everything to shrink down to either dime size or a quarter and the Dr’s asked what was she doing i told them and all i got was oh and i can’t say anything about what you’re doing i don’t want to be held liable for anything. I thought that was messed up and the fact they said she had 9 months to a year before it gets bad and death will soon follow.
It really makes me believe that big pharmaceutical is only interested in a customer and not a cure anymore.


Yes using 195 proof everclear


If you can find food grade 99.9% Iso alch i reckon you can grab an extra gram or two. But if you happy with what you are doing and it working that great!

It good to see that you are having such good results. The big drug companies are not really in the business of curing anyone it about keeping people medicated for repeat business until they die. People are just numbers and $$ for them and completely expendable.


O.k. cool I will take a look at that. Do you cut you oil with coconut oil so it’s easier to get out of the syringe my mom has a hard time squeezing it out and right now she sits on top of her coffee cup and lets the steam off the coffee warm it .


What I do to medicate easily and efficiently as possible…I get 00 size empty pills off amazon and fill it directly in that and you can fill how little or how much to even a full 1 gram dosage. “Which is what I normally do” in which case that might be too powerful for most people if they have not built up tolerance level. “As in will knock you out for 18 hours of sleep/rest.” Until that person builds up tolerance.

In which case you can fill it half and take it twice a day one in the morning and one at night. It actually pretty neat too with smaller dosage as you can make different batches and use different strains so completely able to mix and match to medicate which is working and which isn’t working.

Some people can handle more than a gram a day in which case the option is there to take another one. You might want to use a smaller pill size for ur needs though instead of a 00 since they are quite big. In which case just a 0 size pill be enough as it can fit around half gram of RSO per pill when full. Don’t get 000 it very hard to swallow.

When you fill it directly into a pill and take it no aftertaste and it just all meds that goes right in without any mess or trouble. Which is the advantage. Usually why I put the whole gram into the 00 size pill is so it just a one time a day thing instead of 3 doses throughout the day which is a prefer option for most people. Some people want to be functional in the day. In which case they just take the whole gram at night before bed and when they are asleep the meds kick in and by morning they are refreshed.

Instead of been medicated for every waking moment during the day. But yes a lot of people do cut it. But I try not to myself. I like to keep it as is.


Hell yeah i load them right after it cools down but a little warm and be done nice thanks for the information


Glad to help @ThcinKC.


Your right over the target here. Big Pharma IS only interested in profits. There is no profit in cancer cures. This is why B17 is illegal in the states and why they fought cannabis for so long. Not only that but they are untrustworthy. They use flouride as a base in a lot of drugs which is terrible. The drug is has a stable chemical composition until it is broken down by digestion. At this point there are negatively charged sites available on the flouride based molecule (free radicals). Usually associated with oxygen but flouride does it too. Lastly the conflict of interest that is inherent in the corrupt cycle of FDA positions to big pharma boards and back again. Theres a lot of backscrubbing going on and the result is we the people get screwed. My .02


@ThcinKC @AnneBonny Hey all. Well, as someone who is looking to make canna caps (specifically, a 50/50ish thc cbd ratio), I had pretty decent luck processing my autos using the basic recipe of decanting the flower, using coconut oil and manually filling caps.

Thinking about streamlining one step - I’m fascinated with the possibility of extracting the thc / cbd via dry ice and micron bags. Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of all that plant matter early in the process? Has anyone gone this route? As long as you’re careful, it seems like the dry ice and bags is a great way to go.




I use a dry rub process of i believe 15 micron screen and frozen cured sugar leaf and or flower. I dont like handling dry ice and that process is clunkier IMO


@hangthebanksters Thanks. Pretty newbie grower here. Got a link for the frozen flower process? My lungs just can’t take the hits anymore. That’s a warning to all you youngsters out there. Thanks again. htb



Thanks for the referral @hangthebanksters And as a point of data for the others, basically I’m looking for ways to produce cannacaps or some such item for my personal medical use. I grow my own flower here in Seattle and have had (thru a lot of help here) a great first season. But now I’ve got a bunch of flower that I’d like to turn into either (a) cannacaps directly or (b) some type of concentrate that could be turned into cannacaps in the future - maybe kief- maybe rso.

I didn’t realize how simple and straightforward kief was to produce with dry ice (if I’m careful).

I was going to try to decarboxilate my next round via a sous vide cooker. It seems like kief would be an optimum product to use in a sous vide. So I’m thinking dry ice -> kief->decarb in sous vide->mix with coconut oil->fill veggie caps. Right? Just need to work on the ratios and of course, everything I just wrote that you guys are about to correct me on. Which will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the lengthy post.