Making canabutter?

Any advice on making canabutter. First time with good strain don’t want to mess up

Look for @blackthumbbetty post. Some cracking info there


This is @blackthumbbetty basic butter recipe. I had it copied and saved but there’s more advanced ways that she can help you with.
Basic Budder/Cannacocobudder:

I use 1oz dried buds per 1/2 cup of coconut oil or ghee. This ends up making enough for 26-30 doses for me.

-2 pint Mason Jars with lids
-baking tray
-2 oz ice cold Everclear
-1/2 cup melted Refined Coconut oil, Ghee, or a mix of the two
-30 grams quality bud
-Electric pressure cooker
-Cheesecloth or linen bag
-glass bowl/pyrex cups
-small collander that fits onto bowl
-spatulas, spoons, etc
-boiling water

Here’s how you do it:
1.Partial Oven Decarb (optional)
-Heat oven to 230°F;
-Lightly ground bud, divide between 2 pint jars, gently tighten the lids as if you’re canning;
-Place jars on tray and put into oven.
-Turn-up heat to 250°F and bake for 15 minutes;
-Gently shake jars and then allow to decarb for another 15 minutes;

2.After 30 minutes total baking time, remove jars from oven and allow to cool for about 15 minutes, then remove lids, spritz/drizzle in 1oz of Everclear per jar, thoroughly stirring and crunching the decarbed bud and fluid (see Ultimate Cannabutter Experiment: Method 1 | High Times 4)

3.Add ¼ cup melted oil to each jar, thoroughly crunching and strirring; place lids back on jars, just barely tighten them as if you’re canning;

4.Place jars in Pressure Cooker, using a trivet/towel to keep jars off bottom of pot; add hot water til half-way up jars.

Partially Oven Decarbed: Pressure cook for 30 mins, running 2x15 minute cycles, stirring between them
NonDecarbed: Pressure cook for 60 minutes, running 4x15 minutes cycles, stirring between them

6.Allow cooker to naturally depressurize and remove jars; allow to cool about 5 minutes;

7.Place a collander over a glass bowl/cup, line it with cheese cloth/linen bag, and thoroughly strain your herbs from your oil.

You’ll end up with between ⅓-½ cup of immediately usuable and very potent Budder. I don’t add lecithin to my budder recipe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

NOTE: One oz of Bud translates into significantly different serving amounts, depending on which of the methods you choose:
Extract ~ 60 servings
Infusion ~ 30 servings

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Thanks for sharing. You can also just link the post, too, to ensure nothing gets lost/changed during copying/pasting.


Once again, Thanks @blackthumbbetty I bookmarked this time. :+1:

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Hey lady chef! Is this butter recipe something that will “floor” me so to speak? Or should I add more flower?

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Well, an ounce of bud in ½ cup of butter usually only makes about 16-20 servings, for me. So, up to you. :grinning:

Again, I don’t really bother with budder much, now. I prefer to make a qwet concentrate then mix that into whatever recipe I’m using. Way easier to dose, plus significantly more potent.

I can get 6-7 grams of concentrate from an ounce. That’s 60 or so servings.


Didn’t think to link your post @blackthumbbetty, it was already bookmarked as well :man_shrugging:

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