Making butter with leaves

So I’m making butter with some leaves and I’m curious as to how much butter I should use. I’ve only made it with bud and trim which was 1 oz plant to 1 lb butter. I have 60 g’s of just pruned leaves with a few stems all of which just dried. How much butter should I use?

I decarb the trim and add 1oz decarbed trim to 1lb butter.
It can vary by strength of the weed and what you trim. I discard fan leaves and larger leaves. My trim is all sugar leaves and tiny/larfy buds.

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I know some people that have used leaves before but they had used 43 g’s of fresh leaves to 1lb butter. I have atleast 3 times that amount of material dried and they’re butter worked but it was weak so it took a lot. I’m thinking 60 grams dried leaves to 2 lbs butter. I think that should be OK. I’m not sure if 1.5 lbs butter would be enough to cover the material. I feel like I would have to add to much water

I add 1oz (28.5g) decarbed trim, 1lb butter, 1 cup water and simmer in a covered double boiler for 48 hours. Then pour through cheese cloth into a glass bowl, squeeze out cheese cloth (its hot) and then cool overnight. Then I just pop out the solid butter and discard the filthy water.


Wow that seems really long for making butter. I’ve always used flowers and trim at a 1 oz to 1 lb ratio. I put about a 3rd of the butters melted amount of water to it. Decarb for 45 min and keep the butter rolling at a steady 135 degrees for 3 hours on the stove adding water as it cooks off. Same straining method. How does it turn out after a long cook like that?

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Well Im gonna take that as it turns out just delightful.

I grind all my sugar leaves, decarb them and put that directly into a brownie mix. Last batch I made had 29 grams of sugar leaves to one box of brownies. They were very potent and ended up giving me almost 100 servings. I made the mistake of eating a large piece testing it out and had to lay down for a while.
I’m not sure how your trim will work out? I’ve made butter and oil before and have the same results just adding the sugar leaves to the brownie mix.

I’d say 1/2 cup (1/4 lb). Leaves are about 1/4 strength of bud. My tolerance is quite high, though.

Mrs stole my cutting container while I was at work it’s on stove boiling right now pretty sure she cut the whole 1.5 lbs of leaves and stem into the pot then added water… should I be concerned