Making auto seeds

I am making feminized Auto flower seeds and although I’ve made photo seeds which take 4-5 weeks to be mature seeds, I pollinated an auto on August 22 and the plant looks close to harvest.
My question is do Auto seed take less time to grow and mature on the plant than photo seeds because of the shorter life cycle? I pollinated less than 3 weeks ago! @AAA @Vexer


I made seeds with a photo male x auto female.

The seeds seemed to take slightly less time than regular photo seeds.

If you selectively pollinated certain colas, you can leave those on the plant and harvest the rest.

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Thanks @AAA
I did selectively pollinate and thought about harvesting the plant and leaving the seeded branch but was unsure on stressing the plant at this point in the game. Usually with photos I cut off 1 seeded branch and let the rest of the bud finish! Which is a lot less stressful than leaving only one branch lol


Good luck!

I did this as well. Actually on my Afghan Hash i left the seedy buds on like an extra month. She lived fine. Just dont forget to water… thats a no no :joy:

was this an auto plant?
I have an unknown pot plant that must have been crossed with a weeping willow cause when I forget to water her she hangs way down low. I actually took a time laps video of her standing back up after I watered her. I’ll see if I have the clip and try to post but I think I deleted it.

No sorry. I got off track reading the post and was thinking bout just seed breeding. Am tryna get into auto breeding with a fast flowering Lucky Widow and ILGM WWA.

Appreciate the thread tho. Had no idea auto seeds matured faster. But the consensus seems as so…