Making an organic super soil - Australia

I have trust my soil will be fairly good for the grow and i will experiment with small amounts of nutes to see how they react.
I will be trying the Gold Leaf indoor under a 600w LED and an outdoor Skywalker Og. Trying to learn the best of both worlds

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Skywalker OG is one of my all time favorites! It’s so good

Yeah, add the Cyco Zyme from the start then once per month afterwards.

Howdy, Melbourne town here. Doing my first indoor grow. About 6 weeks in Girl Scout cookies. Fingers crossed.

Good luck


They are looking awesome man, what soil and light are you using?

Hey mate, got the light from amazon and so soil from hydro shop.

Actually one of the plants seems a little sad and some leaves dropping, not sure what is going on with it :grimacing:

@diz ,how often are you watering ,looks like over watering or under watering

Hey mate, water with nutes every second day. About 500ml per plant, use straight water on fourth water cycle.

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What size pots are you using and also what medium are you growing in
If your growing in soil seems like a lot of feeding

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At that size , they may only need 500 ml of water a week .

7 gallon fabric pots. In canna soil

@diz haven’t used canna soil before but just read up on it and it sounds ok
How dry is the soil or moist if you stick your finger in an it’s still moist up to half way of your finger leave it to dry out if it’s dry it needs more watering
Has it sprung back yet or is it still dropping

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I would describe it as only slightly moist. Yes after lowering the lights and not watering it has bounced back a little, thankfully!

I am going to hold off watering for a few days and see how they go

@diz definitely hold back on the watering then it’s easier to see if it’s a too much or not enough and id probably go very light on your feeding schedule also wouldn’t hurt to check pH of soil
They will bounce back no worries :+1:

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Starting to bounce back a little. I think they were cold! I have put plenty of blankets around my grow box and it is certainly helping keep the temp up.
I have noticed some slight yellow on leaf tips…
The soil PH was a little high which I adjusted in watering today

@diz ,ok well what height have you got your light set up an what light is it ,looks like the light is burning your girl up
Also I always keep a little oil heater in tent to warm up those cold vicco days works a treat
What pH was soil an pH of water an also how much are you feeding

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Yes I raised the light a week or so ago and they got too cold!! I have put blankets all over my grow box and it is holding a higher temp inside thankfully. Slowly raising the light further away each day. I wasn’t sure if it was a bit of light burn, so good info! Thanks :+1:

I am trying to avoid putting a heater in there due to cost of running!

Greetings Ozzy Legends :v:

I’m also in Queensland, it’s been a weird a$$ winter to say the least, freezing here and I couldn’t grow without AC/heating,
have you met my friend @kettle, he is another awesome ozzy maniac, he grows in hydro and is more than proficient if anyone needs guidance in that arena.

I struggled initially to find decent organic products in Oz, until I stumbled onto a small company called OGS
Organic Gardening Supplies.
Very happy with their products and Supersoil and can’t recommend them highly enough.

Good vibes, stay lit :v:


Hello B-Nug,
North East Vic here. I am new to this and would like to follow your progress mate. Starting out myself and it is the cold here for me to worry about.
Once things warm up again I will be growing outside. Nice girls by the way. Happy Growing.