Making a schedule/log

Was just wandering some ideas to start a log and what schedule everyone uses. What should I keep track of, when to start feeding, when to top, clone, how often to flush and water thanks friends for the advice and happy smokin☺️☺️


For my grow so far I haven’t made a schedule. I’ve let them tell me when to water etc, but I do log it. I found trying to schedule lead to overwatering. Make a good mental note of the pots dry weight. It will help you know when to water.

I did start a log in Google Sheets and I keep track of waterings, PH, water TDS, runoff TDS if I have any, plant height, any notes or anything I did differently like, lowering lights for example.

Feeding depends on soil (assuming soil here) but you shouldn’t need to feed seedlings, they can support themselves for a little while. I’m on 3 weeks and haven’t fed anything but I use FoxFarm Ocean.

I topped at the 5th node. (19/20 days old)

Note: The one time I did try to give them a nitrogen boost they didn’t like it at all. Lesson learned, don’t use anything but water unless you’re trying to correct a problem. Use PH 6.5 - very important to monitor PH.


Off topic a bit but I’ve seen it come up several times lately. Disregard if you’ve already been growing…

Plan ahead. Know the space size and how many plants you want. Calculate your lighting needs, make sure you can maintain adequate temp and humidity, etc. Have a PH meter (and TDS is a good idea), PH up and Down, etc. etc. Too many people come into it without planning and struggle. Easier to figure out your set-up ahead of time. I spent 3 weeks “testing” my grow space before ever dropping a bean in soil.

I just thought of it so wanted to pass along.

Good luck on your grow my friend!


My log book… (random page)

I don’t test everything everyday, but you get the idea.


Very nice penmanship :slight_smile:

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I print out calendar months from the Net, hang em on the growing cabinet doors ( I have 2, veg and bloom) and everytime I do something…water, change lighting schedule, add ferts, swear at plants, I write it on that day and it’s right in front of me. If you do that, make sure you make the pages big enough, like in Word, to write on. Good luck!

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Thanks for the input. Will start something this evening and post some pics

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I keep track of everything i do when i do it and how much i do it with
Haha that sounds funny …
Happy Growing

:joy: that’s what I was thinking !!

I’ve been playing around with GrowBuddy tonight. Some initial setup involved but it’s a pretty slick program. I like that there are PC/Mac clients and a smartphone app. I can leave my iPad in my grow area (in the basement) to log data while I work and still access it from my laptop upstairs or my phone on the go.

You can set up Crops, consisting of all your individual plants, set reoccurring reminders/tasks, Set up feeding schedules, add pics with dates (which will display as weeks in the photo tab of the journal. etc. etc.

I haven’t seen an export function which would make this less interesting to me.

Hopefully, it’s okay to post these pics. I don’t believe they are a competitor in any way…

Monthly view


that’s a cool looking app Matt… I’m gonna look into it

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Me too!:thumbsup:

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Just figured out how to make a Room and move plants between them. Has a spot to track high and low temp, humidity and CO2. I’ll probably continue to fill in my past info.

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Awesomeness… I know this grow is going to be good :seedling::seedling::ok_hand:t2::+1:


Hey @Matthew420 it’s been like 3 weeks you’ve been using the program. Are you still liking it? I’m a bit of a techie so I’m thinking about using it, but I wanted to get an update from you first.

I have been using it and a like it. After the initial entry of information (all your plants and nutrient information) it’s really easy to use. I like how the monthly view puts a water droplet on the day you watered so you can see a clear view of watering history. You can then click on a day and it will bring you to the day view which has all the detailed information.

It also keeps track of pictures based on the day you upload them, in chronological order.

What I don’t like and have submitted for improvement is:

You have to re-enter all your login info each time (email and pw). It doesn’t have an option to “remember”

No data export feature

It would be nice to have a “duplicate last feeding” function.

Calendar view only shows full months on the screen at once. It would be nice if you could “roll” the calendar back and forth with the mouse wheel to see, for example, the last half of last month and the first half of this month.

All-in-all I like it and will continue to use it I think.

Let me know if you have any questions about it. I can try to help.

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Excellent. I downloaded it and i’m up and running. My seeds arrived in the mail last night. Not bad at all. 9 total days and 7 total work days. Kudos to ILGM. Already nested an AK47 seed into the beginning of germination.

I’m going to track it in the Grow Buddy software and i will start my own grow in the ILGM forums too. I’m pretty excited!

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Awesome! I’ll be following for sure when you do!

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Thanks @Matthew420 I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to wait for the seed to germinate and get it into a jiffy pot before I start posting online.

Does the software have any place to set reminders? It’s no biggie if not I have google calendars for that if I need it.

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I didn’t really like the Jiffy pots. They worked but stayed too wet and I didn’t like the netting. My next grow I’m going right into the soil it’ll be growing in and see what happens. Try it and see what you think.

It does have reminders :slight_smile: You can make them repeat for a certain amount of time as well.

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