Making a large batch of Jack's nutrients

Can I make 5 gallons of Jack’s nutrients without worrying about separation. I put my RO water in 5 gallon buckets and I would love to be able to add enough nutrients to just use the 5 gallons throughout the week. I don’t feel like mixing up a batch every time I need to feed

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I mix 5 gallon at a time each time. I keep a wave maker in the bucket. It is fine.


I do the same, but check PH before using.


Great, i was wondering about this. I thought about keeping the other part of 3 gallons that are excess amounts after i dilute for the amount of PPMs i need for each plant. Instead of diluting the whole gallon i part it in half and add more water to dilute each half for what i need. But, with 3 plants i always have a half gallon of undiluted Jacks 321 left over that i would like to save.

What is a wave maker

Like this. Got mine from Amazon. Might also find one at a pet store in fish dept.

Just keeps the water moving gently. I keep one in my revisor and one in my 5 gallon bucket when making ahead of time.

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Wavemaker to keep it mixed. Just check pH before feeding, as suggested.

I generally would use 60-70 gallons a week. Using a reservoir. I don’t use any wave makers or anything as I usually am mixing the solution daily before use, and when pH adjusting, no problems. I used to use wave makers and bubblers and have seen no difference with or without.

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Should I be using the 10:30-20 bloom booster or stick to the standard 321 program

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I use jacks Bloom the first 3 weeks of flower then transition back to 321 :love_you_gesture: