Making A Hood Choice

I’m familiar with the more conventional rectangular reflectors but could somebody please tell me the advantages of a Cool Tube.

The Cool Tube I’m interested in at the link below has a reflector, so how is that different from a standard rectangular reflector?


Wings are basically just a reflector with a built in spot for the bulb to connect. Wings don’t have any built-in cooling options and can tend to cause hot spots on the tops of the plants. Wings are usually the cheapest option.

Cool tubes are built so that the bulb is contained in a tube. They are meant to be hooked up to an exhaust (via ducting) to pull all the heat away. Cool tubes are less likely to cause hot spots on the plants than wings, and can fit in smaller spaces than any other type of hood, but they tend to be limited at reflecting the light. Notice how there is usually only a small reflector built into the top of the tube. While this does a pretty good job at reflecting light, other types of hoods will tend to reflect more light down to the plants.

Air-cooled hoods are great for capturing hot air and keeping them away from the plants. They are also able to be hooked up to an exhaust system. One of the advantages of air-cooled hoods when growing cannabis is they have a big, smooth reflecting surface to reflect a great deal of light down at the plants (without also sending heat down at the plants). This allows the plants to get more light from the same bulb.

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Also “wings” have a lot of LOST light and really aren’t effective as other types (dome reflectors, ect) Have read that they are the worst for light coverage per square foot of grow space because of light lost - just look at it ! They will work but will not deliver the max wattage of your bulb (that’s why they are so cheap) to add what “Majiktoker” mentioned

Thanks I kind of wondered about that design? A lot of things are new, but not all new things are improved …or so it seems