Making a fem plant finish in 8 weeks?

@MacGyverStoner @latewood Question that I wanted to run by you. I have a terrible time getting auto plants going! the WW auto that I received from Robert did the same as the Blueberry Auto I got from Robert also. It sprouted and then died. I used seed starter soil and gave it only pH 6.5 water as in my other grows. I am giving up on autos. I know they are supposed to be easier but I cannot get them to live.

SO, I wanted to run a question by you. I have no more seeds for Auto and want to start a grow on an 8 week grow period, start to finish. Can I start a fem and cut it short on Veg (three weeks) and then start 10/14 flowering. How much shorter can I expect the flowering to run? I know it will decrease the yield but If I started on 10/14, can I expect it to finish in a shortened flowering time period (say 6 weeks)? According to what I am reading, the theory sounds good. Any experience in this area?

You cannot just shorten the flowering period. Plants must stay in flower until the trichomes are cloudy with some amber mixed in. Otherwise; Not only will your yield suffer, your quality will suffer as well.

Cannot tell you why your Autos died. I grew WW autos last, and they grew great. Only thing that caught me by surprise was the fact that did not finish until 110 days from seed.

If you are going to attempt a short veg period and want to finish the fastest that you can; You will need to choose an Indica dominant hybrid. Blueberry is one plant with a shorter finish time…usually. Ir can depend on how strong the Sativa pheno in that seed is. :slightly_smiling:

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