Make'in garrigans micro tea


@garrigan65 my micro tea is more yellow than white I’m worried I screwed it up


your fine, just let it sit now and it should change. But ya you got it my friend. I keep thinking the same thing when I first mad it only I didn’t have anyone to talk to about my concerns. ut hey it worked out just fine. go ahead and take two mi to a qt of water and water your plants with it. you won’t hurt your plants they’ll love you for it.

That other one I mad I sprayed a plant with it and she was turning yellow on me and with’in 5 days she was back to normal. no chemicals needed awesome stuff.
that other tea AACT is some awesome stuff my friend. you need to make that next
and with two tea’s to give your plants you can forget the nutrients you have.
Plus we need to get you making your own soil. Then your be all organic. your pot will smoke easier, taste awesome and keep you higher longer