Make your own, they said

Well. I wanted to buy one, but they said to build one. 3’ over the pots?

I’m about to have a 4’x8’ table of cannabis in a few months

These are 2”x6” boards with a screen wrapped around on both sides. I have another identical one that I can in stall too, but I think one may be good?


I assume this is for your scrog. How big is each hole? Wire could harm the plants. Do u have a way to hold them over your drip pans?

Holes are 3.5”+ after I stretched it. It’s the same gardening mesh that I’ve seen everyone using. The plants will find their way back to the light on the other side after going through, theoretically.

I don’t need a drain pan. I don’t usually water that much at a time. Ten plants and they’re all doing well.

I plan on pruning well to get large branches that can support the weight. This netting will be up pretty high so I can spread all of the growth that I allowed into a nice flat area before flowering.


Any pics of pot porn?

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I haven’t completely installed that net yet. Waiting for the plants to get larger. The nice big one up front is the autoflower Do SI Dos that I topped with the un-topped one to the left of it, struggling to catch up. The four in the top right are gold leaf and the four in the top left are godfather OG.

The large black pot has the best plant, thus far. It’s a Photo Godfather OG.


I water at every watering with my own worm tea and top fed with some extra castings. FFOF soil with extra bone and blood meal, mixed with some composted mulch. I have some good nutrients on their way.


I just put the screen up to see how amazing this is going to be.

I’m getting several more of these lights to better cover the 4’x8’ area for flowering, but these lights are each rated for 4x4’. I just didn’t have this idea in mind when I installed them, unfortunately.

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