Make sure your roots are covered

Watered my plants last night. 1st grow and they are in their 5th week. Immediately after watering I noticed 1 out of the 8 plants was drooping leaves. So im thinking WTF how can 1 out of 8 not like the Nutes I gave them? after further inspection, I had uncovered the roots on top at the rockwool cube and stalk when I watered. I covered them back up and within an hour the plant was back to normal. Its amazing how these plants will tell you something is wrong if you pay enough attention to them.


love watch the grow if you can post pics… what ya growin …and soil type

Well said :wink:

Im growing Gold Leaf and Banana Kush from ILGM. and they are kicking ass. Cant wait to smoke some of this stuff. Will post some pics when I get off work. Growing in garden soil from WalMart.

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sweet i be lookin in and happy growing too! @Grinder0327